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Do muslim women have the same sexual desires as a western women?...hear me out first?

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Im jsut curious of the sexuality of muslim women, i have the impression from my muslim boyfriend that he thinks muslim women or what he calls "good girls" dont masterbate, ...show more
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Sexual desire is dictated by the amount of testosterone and other hormones and neurotransmitters running in the body and brain. Unless your boyfriend can prove that Muslim women do not have testosterone running through their veins, his claims are void. Humans are sexual – some more so than others. Your hypocrite boyfriend needs to understand that (He is a hypocrite because he would consider his sister impure if she masturbated or had a boyfriend but there is nothing wrong with him when he masturbates or has a girlfriend. Or maybe he’s just sexist). Either way sucks anyway.

I’m a Muslim woman (girl actually – I’m 16) and I masturbate. I also wouldn’t hesitate to have a sexual relationship when I’m mature enough to have one. But then again I’ve questioned the dogma that I was preached when I was living in Saudi Arabia. There, women are not supposed to be sexual or human for that matter. If you really want to know how women are expected to behave just think about women in the Victorian Era; it’ll give you a very accurate picture of what life in the Middle-East is like for women. Oh, and don't forget the head-to-toe covering even under 125 degrees of hot sun. Your friend is right about most Muslim women not masturbating or having sexual relationships outside their marriage. But he is wrong when he tells you that that is by default or that this is how all women should be. He is being obnoxious to you and all other women when he says that masturbation on a woman’s part is “impure”.

Now to your main concern: Is he being oppressive to you. No and yes. If he is not forcing you into thinking a certain way or behaving as such, he isn’t oppressing you. But by guilt-tripping you and indirectly telling you that you need to be like his sister in order to be “pure” he is being mildly emotionally abusive. Take my word for it: Leave him. If he has the audacity to tell you what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to YOUR sexuality (and remember this isn’t some hard-core fetish that he disapproves of; he is openly telling you that women are not supposed to be sexual at all), he is showing the signs of a control-freak. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Muslim (well, agnostic, but I live in a non-religious but Muslim household) and I don’t approve of spreading negative stereotypes about any group of people but hard-core Muslims are scary. They are sexist and disapprove of anyone and everyone who isn’t like them. Of course it’s your choice to make at the end of the day.


Lived in Saudi Arabia for 13 years. Questioned everything I was indoctrinated to believe and chose my own liberal path.

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Wow ur answer was great, i would be intrestd in talking with u further as this issue is really bothering me, if your intrested email me beckie_754@yahoo.com
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  • Winter Glory answered 6 years ago
    Depends on where the muslim woman lives I would imagine. A muslim in the US or UK would most likely have all the same sexual desires as other women, the west is full of sexuality after all, it's everywhere and hard to tune out.
    A muslim woman living in Pakistan would not be surrounded by sexuality near as much and has been taught from a very young age to suppress any kind of sexual desire, unless with her husband. So they probably don't.

    Just speculation, I could be WAY off base with this, but it is a thought.
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  • Untamed Rose answered 6 years ago
    First of all...sexual drive is biological...all women masturbate or a liars.

    besides...they have "cough" water streams in the bath rooms...to cough clean yourself....except the pressure is a little high if thats all one wishes to do....in every muslim country I've been in. (dont think I can be much clearer then that)

    Ive dated a muslim man, while I lived in Bahrain and he was as open minded as any american man....I'm a feminist so kinda sensitive to such things. Man's a man...no matter his culture or race. Not all men are created equal, some are better then others..just make sure you got one of the good ones.
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  • Pookie. answered 6 years ago
    Islam says it's impure at the same regularity and rate as Christianity does.

    We all live in societies that promote male sexuality, and at the same time, promote women as being evil, for expressing their own sexuality.

    Sexism exists in all mainstream cultures. Religion is just one means of controlling female sexuality. He probably doesn't realise that female sexuality was suppressed before Islam even came to exist. He equally doesn't realise that he's been brainwashed to believe that female sexuality is evil, except of course, when it suits his agenda.

    It's sexism, pure and simple. Religion just confirms and justifies it.
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  • Starfish answered 6 years ago
    some muslim scholars say its impure
    while others say its ok if masturbating is the only way to get over your sexual desires other than pre-marrital sex

    he's just generalising
    trust me

    you're not being oppressed
    he's just a bit ignorant
    but that goes for 99% of the population anyway


    i'm muslim
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  • green6es answered 6 years ago
    Many men are frightened by female sexuality because they're afraid she'll be unfaithful. They would rather women have no pleasure at all, than have to worry about infidelity. Selfish, and insecure as hell. All women are sexual, some are just trained since birth to suppress it.
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  • 3040000920000abs102 answered 6 years ago
    all i am gonna say to you is that i used to chat with a muslim woman. a pretty muslim woman. and our chats got quite ummmm, steamy.
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  • Do muslim women have the same sexual desires as a western women?...hear me out first?
    Im jsut curious of the sexuality of muslim women, i have the impression from my muslim boyfriend that he thinks muslim women or what he calls "good girls" dont masterbate, or think sexual thoughts. He says he knows for sure that his sister is pure like that and would never want a boyfriend. I find that hard to beleive becaus being humans we all have sexual desires im just really confused right now would anyone care to help?

    he didnt say they dont mastrbate...but he said that good girls dont do that and he seemed quite disturbed when i told him that i did it.,

    It seems to be okay for me to think dirty, very dirty when i am with him in bed, but any other time and itd UNNACCEPTABLE.

    Am i being opressed? i fell in love with a muslim man and im so in love but im so absolutly confused.
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