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What is your scariest experience with a ghost?

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    Are there GHOSTS, or not?

    A True Australian Ghost Story

    This story happened a while ago in Brisbane, and even though it sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock tale, it's true. John Bradford, a Sydney University student, was on the side of the road hitch hiking on a very dark night and in the midst of a storm. The night was rolling on and no car went by.

    The storm was so strong he could hardly see a few feet ahead of him. Suddenly he saw a car slowly coming towards him and stopped. John, desperate for shelter and without thinking about it, got in the car and closed the door, just to realize there was nobody behind the wheel and the engine wasn't on! The car started moving slowly. John looked at the road and saw a curve approaching. Scared, he started to pray, begging for

    his life.

    Then, just before he hit the curve, a hand appeared through the window and turned the wheel. John, paralyzed with terror, watched how the hand appeared every time they came to a curve. John saw the lights of a pub down the road so, gathering strength, jumped out of the car and ran to it. Wet and out of breath, he rushed inside and asked for two shots of tequila.

    He then started telling everybody about the horrible experience he went through. A silence enveloped everybody when they realized he was crying and....wasn't drunk.

    About 15 minutes later, two guys walked into the same pub. They were also wet and out of breath. Looking around and seeing John Bradford sobbing at the bar, one said to the other, "Look, Bruce, there's the bloody idiot that got in the car while we were pushing it."

    [P.S. - Ghosts don't exist.]


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    I have never believed in ghosts, but i do sometimes feel that someone is watching me when i am alone. Sometimes, at night when it is dark and the lights are turned out, i sometimes think i see something move. When i turn on the lights, everything looks back to normal. I do not imply that i believe in ghosts when i type this; just some unexpected moments in life when something weird happens.

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    When I was about 12, I got locked in a house with a couple of my friends when we went to investigate it because it was supposedly haunted. There was no one else around and the second we stepped through the door, it slammed shut behind us and all three or four of us tried pulling on the door to get it to open for several minutes before we gave up. Then after a few minutes when we were really starting to freak out, one of us grabbed the doorknob again and it opened easily with the first turn.

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    The time this ghost chased me and Scabby around and around the Mystery Machine. Turned out it wasn't a ghost at all, though. It was Mr. Carruthers, the owner of the abandoned amusement park.

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    LOL I have a good one! In grade 8 I had my own laptop and I brought it to my French class. We had a sub and he was just sitting at his desk doing nothing, so i decided it was probably safe to quite my work and go on Youtube. I started watching Ghost Videos and I had my headphones in. I click on the one video and it kept saying "watch carefully, watch carefully" and at the end of the video this guy jumps out and he has fake blood and full costume on and he's just screaming. Well I leaped out of my chair and screamed a really high pitched scream and the next thing I knew EVERYONE was stairing at me and I had to explain EVERYTHING!

    Source(s): That's my story
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    The time I worked late at the hospital coming out of an exam room, there was a cloud with a head on it coming my way floating the speed of a human run, we crashed face to face. I jumped backward into the room I just came out of room 14 as the ghost was in front of room 13. It was gray see through, and broken up looking, it had a ghost like shape mouth, two holes for eyes. It then turn it's head to look at me, and it's thoughts popped in my head, it said, "Oh no, I am scaring the hell out of him". lol and it did, took me three weeks before I came out of a room fast again. It then took off so fast, it appeared to look like a bolt of lighting completely white.

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    I was afraid of a lot of things, believed in a lot of silly stuff when I was younger. Experience taught me to not believe in silly things. So... since ghosts don't exist... I've never had a "scary experience" with a ghost.

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    When I was on an "underground" tour in Edinburgh the tour people had someone stand in a dark tunnel with a glow stick pretending to be a ghost.

    The scary thing was that everyone else was so gullible that they believed it.

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    When he held up the penny for Demi Moore in front of her door while Whoopi Goldberg was standing outside.

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    I invited the same ghost as 'mythos' did to a party but he wouldn't come he said, because he "..had no body to go with"

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