Youtube symphony Orchestra question?

I REALLY want to join the orchestra but the alto saxophone isn't listed on the page. It says if your sinstument isn't listed you can select an instrument with the same pitch, what instrument has the same pitch that the alto saxophone does?

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    Okay, so I'm auditioning on bassoon, and I've been reading a lot of these questions. If you really want to get in, try looking at the tuba part. All you need to do, is change the base clef to Treble clef, and move the sharps where they belong from base to treble, the notes just stay the same. If thats to hard, pick out any part you think you can play, and send me an email of the part you've chosen, and I'll rewrite the part for you so you can audtition.

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    You can't find it because almost no symphony orchestra literature involves saxophones. It's very rare that saxophones are included in the orchestra. You will need to find an eb instrument in order to play something in the same key....and the only instrument I can think of that fits that bill is alto clarinet or soprano clarinet. Since none of them are are going to have a bit of a transposition project on your hands. In my orchestra I always transcribe horn parts to sax. So print the french horn part off, and you will play everything ONE WHOLE STEP higher than the written pitch. Hope that helps.

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    i do no longer understand, yet so as to audition, you would be over 18 by using fact they do fairly some dress practice consultation and you will could be waiting to pass to places, yet with a bit of luck they'll do one lower back.

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    i think clarinet might be somewhat similar?

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