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What do Muslims think about Hamas using mosques to stockpile rockets?

It's a little cloudy, but the secondary explosions show it all.

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Ok, I get it, denial is one response to handle cognitive dissonance, so let's play another game -

What WOULD Muslim think about Hamas IF it used mosques to stockpile rockets?

Update 2:

Here's another one.

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Seriously, what's up with that?

Update 3:

QUESTIONAIRE - ahm, no. especially in the first video, you can see the the small explosion is followed by a another explosion, and another massive explosions, that couldn't possibly be the explosive from the missile that hit it.

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    Hamas is a concept & the same as Palestinian people? Fatah killed by Hamas would strongly disagree.


    To the asker

    That's the type of information that's so hard to get about the area. Journalists who report unfavorably are kidnapped or threatened. I'm sure some have a problem with it & many see it as justifiable. They'd also see civilians killed inside as fine, & then cry that their military stockpile was only a Mosque.

    Israel can't fake this stuff. They have to keep records to avoid being charged in court, so they are very careful. The video isn't tracking a rocket - it's still camera focused on the mosque.


    This Iranian paper was shut down for reporting:

    "Hamas hiding forces in nurseries and hospitals"

    Jan. 1, 2009, on right top box

    An Iranian reformist daily newspaper has criticized Hamas "for risking lives of civilians, amongst them children, by hiding its forces in nurseries and hospitals." This is reported in today's Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam. The Palestinian daily adds that in response the Iranian government has closed the newspaper.

    The following is the story in today's Al-Ayyam:

    Headline: "Iran closes a reformist newspaper, for publishing a report criticizing Hamas"

    "The Iranian news agency "Irna" reported yesterday, that the Iranian Culture Ministry has closed the reformist daily newspaper "Karjo Zaran", because it published a report that included criticism of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

    On December 30 the paper published a statement of a reformist student organization, that has criticized Hamas for risking lives of civilians, amongst them children, by hiding its forces in nurseries and hospitals. The statement was published whilst the Iranian government expresses a unified stands against Israel, and Tehran is overwhelmed by demonstrations against Israel."

    [Al-Ayyam, Jan. 1, 2009]


    CNN at end of Lebanon war

    ran a segment on how their reporting was staged by Hezbollah. The famous doll in a pile of rubble was the focus of being told the only way they would be allowed to report is if they waited & let Hezbollah operatives arrange things, over & over again. CNN has ever run a segment or accused Israel of any such thing. Also, one of the big three was humilated for using a photoshoped Palestianian photos (I don't remember which image now, but last year.)...and it's wasn't just once it's happened.

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    ahm, There is a probability they used the mosque as a stockpile as the Israelis claimed using video shows. but there is also the other probability which is that this is being faked by the Israelis(as they may have many interests faking this).

    my doubts about this being fakes comes for many very logical reasons.

    1. A mosque is a very open and public place no hidden areas inside. consists mainly of a wide open place for praying and a place for ablution(washing for prayer) with some toilet rooms beside, and anyone can be at anytime anywhere in the mosque. and can go to every area in the mosque ... there almost no restricted place in a mosque. there isn't any kind of restriction of access to the mosque. a fact most of the people in the west or non muslims in general dont know as this makes the nature of the mosque from inside so different from the church; a view which they have in mind when they think about a mosque.

    a mosque is the aim of moslem 5 times a day for prayer where people go for ablution sometimes use its toilet and pray in it. sometimes for religious lessons by some scholar between the times of prayer and its never restricted and anyone can join and listen. with so many children going to the mosque with or without parents and praying washing for prayer or joining a lesson those children also could be wondering in any place inside the mosque(you know children :) ).

    an anything that happens in the mosque would be known to everyone. inside and outside the mosque.

    This makes the mosque totally unsuitable place for using it as stockpile for rockets or explosives. when you want stockpile for rockets you want a hideout specially, a place where you can secretly hide weapons and secretly get them out, a place where no one can easily get access to specially in Hamas case, and the mosque is everything against that.

    and specially that mossad have their agents in gaza and Hamas knows that quite well. ; )

    2. who would accept to save home made rockets inside the mosque risking the lives of the people praying in the mosque 5 times a day by those stored rockets themselves?

    3. The mosque hit by 2000 pounds Israeli bomb and the secondary explosion claimed to be attributed to the hamas rockets stockpile is stronger than the 2000 pounds israeli bomb? mmmmmmm ... hamas home made rockets? the ones that when fall on israel makes that minimal damage?

    I think if Hamas can make explosives that are that strong the situation on the ground would have been so much different. :)

    4. I'm not a military or explosives expert but I would expect many continious small secondary explosions and not that big one. (I think we need the opinion of neutral experts on the issue)

    5. Can or cannot Israel make a bomb that can do this exact form of explosion? a primary followed by a secondary explosion short after?

    well ... I think Israel can make such a bomb. looks like some form of a bi-bomb, (we need he opinion of an expert on this issue too)

    6. Israel also have all the motives and interests to fake this. first they will bash Hamas and shows them as the "evil terrorists" "immorals" "the ones causing trouble" "the ones bringing destruction to civilians"

    giving out this message >> (Its not us killing civilians, its hamas causing it)

    specially with the huge civilian casualties and figures we see every day on TV made by the israeli bombings of civilian places.

    Second they will send a message to the palestinians and hamas and even to the whole arabs and muslims "you have no safe place to go ... we can get you anywhere no matter what .. even inside your mosques ... your hospitals .. your school" "you have no hideout"

    this way they can get the morals of the palestinians down faster and get them to surrender more easily.

    Third it will spread controversy and help Israel get a cover for their past and future bombing of civilians.

    These assumption support the bombing was faked by the Israelis

    however Hamas using the mosque as a stockpile is still a probability supported by the claim of the Israelis and their video only, which we can't judge technically.

    I think this issue is so grave and so criminal and has to be internationally investigated and it should be cared for cause if hamas did use the mosque as a stockpile they have to be questioned and if they israelis did bomb the mosque on purpose it would be a very big crime that can't be passed like that.

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    Okay boomerang these videos that you have linked show no proof of bombs. DId they actually show any proof of bombs? No. They only show an explosion of a rocket being deployed at a mosque. So actually this question that you've asked is all incorrect. The real question should be: Should Israel stop these unrightful acts now before they get hurt and disappear from the world? Yes.

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    Cher , the other example of phony reporting was the fact that the same picture of the "poor old palestine woman" shown crying and wailing at a scene of destruction, was also seen in 2 other towns on different days doing the same thing , in the same clothes !

    Source(s): There is no honor among muslim terrorist ! They are capable of any and every horror killing they can conger up to strike fear in men , women , and children of any nationality !
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    As long as the rockets are intended to be used on Israel or the US they are ok with it.

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    Well trust me what ur seeing is not the truth. All television channels broadcasting " The War on Ha mas " as Israel calls it are using propaganda to justify israeli's continuous attacks on places of worship such as mosques churches. Israel is using the same strategy as july 06 when it bombed churches and mosques in Lebanon. The Israeli army and its supporting broadcasting channels are using propaganda trust me they are if u want to know the whole truth u should witness it urself....

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    durka durka Mohamed jihad

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    they have now where else Palestine has been destroyed by those dread full Jews

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    This is not true...Israel made up this video

    obviously the video is fake...and I can do one like that

    not big deal at all

    fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake

    they also fake the records to avoid being charged in court

    Please tell me How did they know that there is rocket firing from that place?

    thats funny...they would've destroyed the place

    Source(s): because..there is no camera can track a rocket Rocket is faster than to track it
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