What is that brand of jeans that has a little bird looking logo on them?

I always see people with these skinny jeans and they always have a little bird looking logo on them. Does anyone know were they get these jeans? Or what company makes them?

Any help is great!

thanks [:


it's not the hollister bird or the A&E bird.

ilove those stores! but the bird doesn't look like that

Update 2:

it wasnt those grane jeans either

ughh :\

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    If the jeans are from Macy's, it might be Grane.

    Grane's logo is a hummingbird.

    And, they've got skinny jeans.

    They're really well priced, if that's what you're thinking about.


    That's the link to their website.

    Happy shopping!

    Source(s): I have Grane jeans.
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    Grane Jeans

  • i think you mean Grane Jeans :] is it a little hummingbird? I've gotten some khaki capris by Grane from Ross and they're pretty comfy :]

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    It could be Hollister or American Eagle

    edit: Can you be a little more descriptive about the bird then??? We're not psychic you know.. sheesh

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    It could be the Beija-Flor jeans. Do they look like this? http://www.hotmamadaily.com/wp-content/uploads/200... you can see the bird on the upper pocket. beija- flor means "hummingbird" in Portugese.

    Good luck!

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    does it look like that?

    that's hollister.

    or if not, it's prolly ae.

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    hollister & co.?

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