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Suggest a GOP platform?

The Republican Party has not been doing well lately....propose a brief list of things the GOP should run on to be successful in 2010....

As you may or may not know, the GOP is not assured to pick up seats in 2010 as there are more Republicans up for re-election.

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    The platform which the GOP should run on was laid out by Ron Paul during his campaign for the Republican nomination last year.

    The GOP should advocate the withdrawal of America from the UN. The UN is a threat to the sovereignty of the United States and has consistently attacked genuine freedom and human rights (for example, the UN Human Rights Commission believes that criticizing religion in general and Islam in particular is a human rights violation, the UN favors gun "control," and the UN promotes abortion). The GOP should advocate the abolition of the IRS tax and its replacement by nothing (if we abolish the IRS, we could pay for the same level of big government we had 10 years ago without replacing it). The GOP should advocate the abolition of the Federal Reserve (the root cause of the economic crisis) and a return to sound money (a gold or silver standard would restrain the growth of government, would end inflation, and would prevent future recessions). The GOP should once again advocate the abolition of the Departments of Education and Energy (useless departments which Reagan promised to abolish, a promise he unfortunately failed to keep). The GOP should call for the abolition of welfare (which has been outsourced to churches as part of the Bush administration's "compassionate conservatism").

    The Republican Party should return to its traditional foreign policy of noninterventionism and repudiate the failed Neo-Con foreign policy of Bush (which was based upon the foreign policy of Democrats Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman, and Lyndon Johnson). In fact, Bush ran on noninterventionism in 2000 and condemned Clinton and Gore's nation-building, yet embraced the interventionist foreign and domestic policies of the Democrats once he was sworn into office (and in doing so was harshly criticized by Democrat partisans).

    Ron Paul (and others within his faction of the GOP) saw the current problems coming and predicted every bit of what we are witnessing today. The libertarian wing of the Republican Party can achieve for Republicans what David Cameron has achieved for the Conservative Party of the UK (which is expected to win a landslide victory this year in the UK general election). Ron Paul Republicanism is a more principled version of the socially moderate and fiscally conservative ideology that has been so successful for the British Tories.

    Americans are increasingly becoming more socially tolerant and so the returns from social conservatism will continue to diminish. However, the number of Americans who are fiscally conservative is likely to increase, as it did during the days of FDR (in fact, the Ron Paul movement is a revival of the Old Right which was opposed to FDR and which won a decisive victory in the 1946 Congressional election, but were stopped by the Rockefeller Republicans from ever following up their congressional victory with a presidential election victory even though they had the support of the majority of Americans, especially in the midwest, from 1946 to 1952 or so). As Obama's interventionist policies leave us with an America that is unrecognizable and fail to bring about economic recovery, the remnant of libertarians who believe in the founding values of this country will increase. If the Republican nominee for president in 2012 is Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, or somebody else accepted to the increasing libertarian constituency, then Obama's reign of terror will be over in January of 2013 and the Federal Reserve will hopefully be dead before its 100th birthday on November 22nd, 2013.

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    No. The GOP does no longer have higher strategies for easing poverty, bettering the affordability and accessibility of wellbeing care or fixing different issues Americans enjoy day-to-day because the GOP's incapacity to help ordinary feel federal gun and ammunition rules, or to vote in prefer of the American Jobs Act, or to vote to finish the taxpayer-financed loose experience loved through too-large-to-fail monetary associations, addressing immigration reform critically, and even to recognize the scienctific knowledge displaying conclusively that local weather difference is precipitated through guy-made carbon emissions (certainly not brain help the cap-and-exchange laws that was once the brainchild of conservative economists watching for a loose marketplace procedure to fixing that situation) amply show. If Paul Ryan and manufacturer can turn out how Republican insurance policies will remedy our country's demanding situations extra fully and with ease with admire to gun carnage, with admire to fast local weather difference, with admire to immigrants who're right here, had been right here and are actually an critical side of the American social material, with admire to marriage equality, with admire to core elegance process production and with admire to the loose lunch loved through too-large-to-fail monetary associations, then at that factor many extra Americans could have a motive to do not forget balloting for Republicans they don't have in these days. When that can occur is any person's wager. However, it might be smart to not keep your breath whilst looking forward to the GOP to convert itself into the smarter social gathering. Unless you occur to belong to the Tea Party, where case you experience oxygen deprivation.

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