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To any Christians, who wants to know the true story on Pope Benedict XVI?

who wants to know about Him? the true story on him.

All your statements about him is false. If you keep lying about Him, i'm sure God will have a place for you.

He was raised in a peaceful small town in northern Germany, loved music, a devoted Catholic. He has a brother and both of them became altar boys and then knew they were meant for the priest hood. So they started studying at the early age of 10 for the priest hood; then 2 years later; The Nazi kind of kidnapped them into the army at age 12 and 14. They had no choice to refuse the going into the army; because when Hitler came into Power; you couldn't say no or you would be killed. They were messengers at the local air base and that way they would be safe. they were MESSENGERS; that is it. after the war; they went back to studying for the priest hood and age 24 and 26 they were ordained priests. Joesph Ratzinger became the youngest Bishop and ArchBishop for his town in Germany. Then Pope John Paul the Second invited him to join him on the workings of the Vatican 2 council; with his great knowledge. later that day he was Ordained Cardinal and Pope John Paul the Second and him were great Friends and was always in touch. When Pope John Paul the Second became sick and didn't have much time left; Joesph was right by his side to help him and to learn what he needed to know. Then 25 hours after Pope John Paul the Second died; Joesph Became Pope Benedict XVI.


He has his own fan club; kids adore him and come to him like kids coming to Jesus.

He has a great sense of humor; right after he became Pope he told a prayed and said out loud, " Dear Jesus why did you pick me; when I'm so old and we have many young men to choose from?" that was the funny part and everyone laughed, he laughed.

He loves classical music; Bach, Mozart, every classical piece of music and wants to return that music back into the Catholic Church and bring back every old tradition. You should read his books, so filled with knowledge and wisdom and I use his information as questions to teach you.

He's just a normal man and will talk with anyone, walks with anyone; sometimes goes to dinner with people.

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    Like Pope John Paul II the greatest , Pope Bendict XVI suffered a lot during the Nazi occupation he had to be forced to join the hereticHitler's youth do training against his own will when all he wanted was to join the seminary nad become a priest. Hs seminary he joined intially was closed down like Pope John Paul II

    Pope John Paul II the greatest is highly atsunded person. He write poems plays which are being acted out in his native Poland. He also wrote the book om Love and responsibility and was the youngets Bishop after Bishop Archbishop Eugeniusz Baziak passd away. He was like Pope Benedict XVI the principal consultant to Vatican 2 and even help Pope Paul IV with Humanie Vitae a bond of contenmt even among Catholics themselve

    Pope Bendic XVI is more of a private person than Pope John Paul II who was egnimatic person loved by all and appealing to the youth today

    As you have said Pope Bendict XVI formerly Jozef Cardinal ratzinger wanted to retir ein Marktz am Inn to delicated hismelf to writings books But the Lord choose him through his Holy Spirit the lord and giver of Life

    Pope Bendict XVI is a stounded theologian and has written many books and his enzylicals DEus Caritas is and Spe Salvi

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    When he was Cardinal Ratzinger I got to listen to his ideas on love and on St Peter. I have a great deal of respect for his views.

    I do not mind if people make an issue of his past. It is something that our society has to deal with. Many hurts happened during the war, and anyone can tell that they are not yet fully healed. It is crippling us, for we truly do not know what love is.

    More people should listen to that talk he made about love.

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    Thanks for this. I think the problem is that Pope John Paul II was Pope for so long that it is hard to get used to someone new - especially in current times.

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    God has already promised me a place in Heaven.

    Unfortunately if you believe the Pope's church, that is a heretical statement!

    Shows what a load of rubbish the guy and his priests teach!

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    Lets see. He is a heretic. He is an anti pope. He is not Catholic. He teaches apostasy and error. His mouth is full of lies. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He is a free mason and his only intent is to lead souls astray. That is the true story about Benedict XVI.

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    wow i really couldnt care less

    i think pope pretty cool guy. eh slanders other religions and doesnt afraid of anything.

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    Interesting. I don't see a real question tho. Seems you answered for yourself.

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    Yes, and this imposter is an " Anti-Pope "

    The last pope will be elected soon !


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    I thought this was going to be anti-Catholic, but thanks for telling the truth. Happy New Year! :-)

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