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Hong Kong University?

What is Hong Kong University well known for/ proficient in teaching? (in terms of faculties and degrees). Thanks

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    theyre internationally recognized so i assume pretty good for everything. i believe business is a good choice there, though i am applying for science. but the other answerer, #1 for mainland? really? i would've thought tsinghua university, its like the Harvard of China. only reason to go to HKU over other china schools if ur from USA is its all in english! but dont get me wrong, its a very prestigious school, and hk is really an amazing city.

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    Hong Kong college is the 1st in Hong Kong and likewise first in Asia. it is by using the fact they have astounding courses in Bachelor courses like corporation and regulation, drugs. chinese language college and college of technology and technologies (UST) could come very heavily with one yet another. chinese language college is an older college, additionally they have very drugs application. UST is transforming into very immediately at the instant as they're doing very reliable with courses like accounting and worldwide corporation. Polytechnic college is in the back of the excellent 3. they have very reliable hospitality and layout courses. the different universities in accordance to ranks are: Hong Kong city college, Hong Kong Open college, Hong Kong Baptist and Ling Nan college. The Hong Kong Institute of education is a college that focuses on education. ultimately, there is the Hong Kong Shue Yan college that's at the instant switched over from a college to a college.

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    HKU is known for medical field. mostly medicine & health

    there are music and art programs which are pretty good also

    it is ranked #26 in the world, #3 in Asia, and #1 in Mainland China

    other less known, but equally good programs include:


    business and econ






    Source(s): wikipedia & HKU alumni
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