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有關音樂樂器`` [c0mE here ``] {勁急}

1. 兩個音樂家族; 每個家族要五種樂器`

2. What is the method of sound production of these instruments?


3. Do you like the sound of these instruments? Why?

[唔幫我諗都得` 諗埋就最好=]]

4. Collect information about one famous performer on one of these instruments.


{ 第 2-4題要分開比兩個家族ge資料=] ; 姐係有兩個答案..}

{ * 全部用英文答; 最好中英都有=]}

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    1,2. a. 弦樂家族 string instruments(小提琴violin, 中提琴viola, 大提琴cello, 低音大提琴double bass, 豎琴harp), 發聲方法: 提琴類: 用弓(bow)拉弦(string)使弦震動或用手指撥弦使弦震動 豎琴類: 用手指彈撥弦使弦震動

    The method of sound production of the string instruments is use the bow to move through the string to let the string vibrate for violin, viola, cello and double bass and use the fingers to pick the strings to let the strings to vibrate for the instruments of the whole family.

    b. 銅管家族 brass instruments(小號trumpet, 長號trombone(伸縮號),) 大號tuba, 上低音號euphonium, 行進蘇沙號sousaphone) 發聲方法: 用口吹氣使嘴唇震動, 令其聲音經吹口傳進樂器裏, 從喇叭發出來 The method of sound production of the brass instruments is to breathe out air through the mouth in order to let the lips to vibrate and let the sound produced pass through the mouthpiece and through the instruments and sound finally comes out through the bells.

    3. yes, because the sound of the string instruments are very soft and the sound of the brass instruments are very joyful and the sound of the low brass instruments are very warm.

    4. Li Chuan Yun (李傳韻) is a violin performer from China. He was taught to play violin by his parents when he was 2. He practices violin 8 hours a day. He is now a famous youth violin performer in the world.

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