All girl Dares?????????????

we are 13 and up and need some good dares.

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    I am 15 and some of my friends are 13 well only 2 but I had a sleepover over Christmas break and OF course we played truth or dare! anyway... lol

    it was 2 13 year old girls-Megan and Channa

    5 14 year old girls- Lori, Hannah, Marrie, Kimberly, and Bailey

    Then Me and my friend who is 15 like me was Kiley

    they only 15 year old girl


    I am totally off subject lol

    some dares we did were:

    Take off all cloths and run outside

    Take off everything but bra and underwear and put ice in bra and underwear

    we also did things like having to drink weird things

    and making mixes of food ans stuff and Lori dared Kiley to go lesbian for 5 minutes with and random and she did this thing wear she gave us all a number but Kiley didn't know them and she picked one and she got Hannah

    So yeah

    HOPE this helped and answer mine 2

    we also did a lot more so message me if you want

    we played for 3 hours

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    *Prank Call A Business

    *Freeze Bra For 15 Minutes, And Wear It

    Anything That People Said Above Me.

    And For Those Of You BIG Dare-ers, Here's One.

    Run Outside Butt Naked, And Yell Something Really Gay:)

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    1 decade ago

    lol laura i love you always and forever.

    i agree with laura.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I dare you girls to make out with eachother

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    I dare you to get your own imagination!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago


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