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Is homosexuality a genetic mutation?

I'm asking because I know homosexuality is genetic but I want to know if it's a natural gene or a mutation.

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    I don't think it's a mutation, because if it were, it would probably be discovered more easily, since the same mutation would be present in all homosexuals.

    I personally think it's just set within the genes as a natural form of population control, since you see more homosexuality in animals when the animals live in a large group as opposed to smaller instances among small groups.

    Edit: For those doubting whether or not is is genetic or some sort of choice, it's actually been discovered that gay men have a different sense of smell than straight men, that causes them to react to male pheromones. They actually did studies where they provided strips of paper with male or female pheromones on it, and gay men found themselves drawn the strips with the male pheromones.

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    actual no longer a ethical descision with the aid of fact being a gay would not harm society in any respect (people then convey out the actual shown fact that AIDS first unfold by using gay adult men, and individuals fail to comprehend that it replaced into their risky sexual behaviour that led to the ailment to unfold devoid of postpone and not the actual shown fact that they had anal intercourse; a superb type of homosexuals are in healthful relationships with one companion) could be a genetic mutation, yet mutation sometimes is considered as making somebody a odd being like in a spiderman or sandman comedian e book yet that's no longer the case, mutation ameliorations a gene besides the shown fact that it could make the organism extra adaptive to its enviroment and mutations are the only way that evolution can proceed so its no longer a nasty element as a lot of people think of

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    I have a hard time beleiving genetics is a factor unless it is considered an unintended type since the means of opposite sex is to reproduce. By no means do I want to lable its occurrence as a cancer but more of a social phenomenon due to passing a population threshold in humanity where heterosexuality is not needed any longer to sustain itself. I also assume other factors may play the role such as hormonal imbalances and child upbringing due to environmental and social environments. I do not see it as a threat since I strongly assume it would self correct itself at a time where the human race would find itself on the verge of extinction.

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    According to the Freud's Human Development the traits or characteristics of individuals are depend how they nurtured by their parents because during unconscious stage the son/daughter tries to identify his/her feminine side or masculine side. In the other term, gay has high feminine side instead of 10% of feminine side. All men have 10% feminine side and also women have 10% masculine side. However, there's fixation during Oedipus and Electra complex might be result Homosexual (e.g. gay and lesbian).

    This is one factor for being cross-dresser and the other factors are adaptation environment and decision. Therefore, gay is not genetics reason. Thank You!!!

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    I recently read an article that proposed than homosexuality is an expression of a gene. If the gene is expressed one way you are straight, if another gay. That is why homosexuality can be found in many species that are totally unlike humans so they would not have the same genetic code. This would mean if you looked at the genetic code of straights and homosexuals they would be as identical as any other human. It is possible, from the article, that many characteristics and personality traits arrive in this manner. The article was about identical twins and how much different they could be even thought there genes were identical.

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    It's sort of hard to tell, really. Many animals other than humans have shown homosexual behaviour, though, so take from that what you will I guess.

    Edit: Dude, if homosexuality was a decision, why would so many people decide to be gay? Especially in parts of the world where it gets them beaten up and murdered. It's been scientifically proven that it's not something you can just change. It's hardwired.

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    i personally don't think so.

    i think it's a decision and/or state of mind.

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    See everything is a mutation, there is no regular, unless you just qualify that as the majority. It's a mutation if you have brown hair, or blonde, or red, or any color. Same with your sex, if you're a girl or guy. So, yes its a mutation, but that's not bad. And everything is natural with Genes, What, do you think that they artificially manufacture genes?

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    no, i don't think it's genetic

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    prob natural...maybe

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