My question involves expungements or pardons for the state of: Arkansas?

My question involves expungements or pardons for the state of: Arkansas

Hi let me first say that I know this in not a law forum but I really need some advice.

I was 16 when I robbed a store with an unloaded bb gun and was consequently shot and arrested for doing so. I was locked up for 7 years and have done well for myself since my release. I work, I have a 4.0 GPA, my name was in the Pine Bluff Commercial for making the Presidents list, I have a Web Design certificate, do non mandatory community services (speaking to trouble youth at facilities), designed a website for the city of Pine Bluff, will have my Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Information Systems, and working on getting a couple of Microsoft certifications and a MYSQL DBA certificate.

I have done some research and every lawyer I have conversed with including the ADC commissioner tells me I should have a good chance on getting an expungement after my time on parole is up.

I come off parole in June of 09 the crime was committed in 1998 and my PO told me to stop coming to see her because she is sure I won't get in any more trouble.

I really would like to get my gun rights back and a job as a DBA so I am doing everything I can to increase my chances.

My question to you is what else could I do while on parole to better my character or increase my chances of expungement or of getting hired as a Website Designer or a DBA?????? I know some of you probably think since I am a ex con that I should not have my gun rights restored, so is that also saying that I should not have the right to protect my family in the face of danger. I don't think it is the ex con's that is trying to get their records expunged and hunting rights back are the ones to worry about. It is the ones that look to the black market for everything and don't care about their rights that worries me.

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    It sounds like you have done above and beyond what most people would normally do after a felony conviction and it sounds excellent on paper.

    As far as pardons and ecpungements go, a pardon is granted by the Governor of the state. This is usually done for people with political clout. If you know if you might qualify in that area.

    Otherwise, expungement is the normal path that most people explore. Each state is highly specific about what is allowed to be expunged. Certain basics apply for any expungement however.

    Only a first time felony can be expunged. If you have more than one number, you will be stuck with them for life.

    Most states demand 5 years free and clear of all legal encumbrances with some states demanding 7 years.( that means at least 5 years after being off paper with NO other legal run ins with the law).

    Lastly, the actual charge you were convicted of is to be decided solely by your State's charter.

    Best and only advice would be to consult with an attorney within the jurisdiction of the arrest/conviction. He can tell you if you qualify. If so, he can also draw up your petition and submit it to the court in your behalf. A court appearance is not necessary in this type of motion and you will be notified by mail, receiving your motion back from the Clerk of Courts with the appropriate Judge's signature and time stamp and seal from the Clerk of Court's office.

    Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

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    When guns are outlawed most effective outlaws might have weapons. I've heard that really so much in general. The laws does now not preclude crime in general. The laws makes an try to provide a framework to comprise what happens as outcome of crime. That's what we found out in university. Then a few guys and ladies converted all that. Now the persons have an understanding of not anything and we have to ask the federal government for answers to such vague questions. You're going to be searching for the governor's office prior than you method your vacation spot. From there probably the brand new president would possibly simply help you. I forgot his establish, nevertheless turn on information and you're going to often see him celebrating New yr.

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    When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. I've heard that quite often. The law doesn't prevent crime in most cases. The law attempts to provide a framework to contain what happens as result of crime. That is what we learned in school. Then some people changed all that. Now the people know nothing and we must ask the government for answers to such vague questions. You will be seeking the governor's office before you approach your destination. From there maybe the new president may help you. I forgot his name, but turn on news and you will probably see him celebrating New Year.

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