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How can i gain weight...........?

I reallyyyy want to gain weight and i cant its horrible i hate being skinny I'm 5'7"-8ish and like 128 i've been that weight for like foreva and i can't gain any kind of weight.

Can anyone plzz tell me how to go about gainin some kind of weight

thank you

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    your one of those people like me

    im also skinney and tall around the same height as you

    and ive also wondered about how to gian weight.

    we have a fast motabalism. which means we digest food faster than the average human. so i have a few solutions for your question.

    1) you could eat double the times u used to. E.g when you eat a plate of pasta eat another plate

    2) also eat foods high in strach and carbohydrates and fats. if your african you might have some african foods which contain loads of starch like fufu or ground rice or pounded yam.

    3) if your really concerned you could consult your doctor or a GP. tell them how you feel about gaining wait and they may give you a weight gaining pill which ive herd of.

    i hope i help you. but dont worry about it too much

    i meen.. itz better than being fat and too lazy to do anything. and look at most of the celebs.

    lindsey lohan, nicole richie, paris hilton, jessica alba, amie whine house, britney spears ( and theres others but my fingers hurt from typing lol )

    they all want to be th

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    If you wan't to achieve weight, and construct muscle. You do not wan't to simply over consume with junk meals. This will undoubtedly makeyou fatter, and bad. But in the event you wan't to achieve muscle you're going to need to drink a few prime protein drink's, shakes, meals. Peanut Butter & Jelly I suppose might be a well begin. The Peanut Butter will furnish you with Protein, at the same time the Jelly has lot's of High Fructose, and Sugars, to support placed of the load. You might wan't to assess out a few affordable CVS Pharmacy over-the-counter forms of ordinary herb tablets to support help the muscle groups. I can not suppose of any names of those forms, however I do understand they exist, I've heard of persons taking them, and had well outcome while taken most commonly.

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    Start exercising more and eat more carbs. ^-^

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Build lean muscle! It is waaaaaay much healthier and will make you look strong and you will put on more weight but without health issues. And you will look better.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    eat fast food

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    start lifting weights

    and eat more meats

    or food high in calories.

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    Drink Ensure.

  • 1 decade ago

    you should probably eat more calories. work out to try to gain muscle mass.

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    go to the gym..drink a protein shake and then work out to gain muscle sounds crazy but it works!! u WILL gain weightt..ask ur doctor if u dnt believe me...=] its better than eating a whole bunch of fatty cholesteral food which can be VERY unhealthy for your body...

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    the oreo and krispy kreme diet works for some

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