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if i turn of physical memory dump on my computer ?

will it hurt my pc if i just turn it off cause when i run roblox my pc crashes and goes into a memory dump.

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    The memory dump is a file created when your machine crashes which can tell you what was happening, and what failed.

    The minidump files are small--maybe 20k-text files, usually stored in C:\minidump.

    Join a site like (it's free). Post your problem in the appropriate forum--Vista, XP, Gaming, whatever. A wizard will probably ask for your minidump files to run through a kernel debugger--that can identify the issue.

    In your case, I'd guess video drivers (nVidia is famous for that).

  • r. cha
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    no it wont hurt your pc, the purpose of memory dump is to clear up some space before you shut off that you took up while using the computer, its nice to have on but isnt needed

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