I need a good 10th grade science fair topic that cannot just be found online?!?

Ideally it will have to do with chemistry since that's the science course I'm enrolled in now but it doesn't have to. I go to a school that specializes in science so I need a topic that will challenge me and go beyond what a 10th grader is expected of. I don't just want to find one off the internet that has step by step instructions; I already had submitted one but it was denied; my original one was: How does the ability to taste differ between smokers and non-smokers?

If possible, I would love a topic that answers a question that people are truly curious about. Like the one I listed above but cannot do since I guess it has already been discovered.

Please help...

P.S. And nothing psychological please, I need something that is either quantitative or qualitative, thanks

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well.. psychological would be qualitative. You're probably looking for something quantitative. Something I'm interested in lately has to do with biology... I'm interested in what makes a self-sustaining environment able to support life.

    You would need a totally closed environment like a glass jar with a lid, and then see what you would need to put in the jar to sustain a life form such as a fish. The fish would need oxygen so maybe put a plant in there, and to keep the place clean of bacteria you might put one of those cleaner shrimp, consider the pH as well... so on and so forth. You have to consider that you're leaving the environment untouched once you seal the jar so try to figure a biological cycle that will make it sustain itself.

    You'd just need to do some research and see what you'd need in that environment, and maybe try a few different environment with the same fish species for more data. And use that to try to deduce which environment is the best at self-sustaining.

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    corrosive effects of cola/sugar/fat on bone (chicken), metals, plants, etc. Also, did you know that honey is aseptic and bacteria will not grow in an environment that has too much sugar (also too much acid or base).

  • 1 decade ago

    you should probably do something along the lines of fuel cells

    they're easy to buy, and you can use your own additives to increase efficiency

    Source(s): was going to be my project, but i did something on methane instead
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  • 1 decade ago

    I did a science project in 3rd grade but I was an exceptional student and since the United States has been dumbing down their education to allow for the massive influx of illegal aliens maybe my simple solar energy project will work for your tenth grade project. I used a radiometer to show how the solar energy (that's energy from the sun) is attracted to dark color and can make the radiometer turn. Then I included a bunch of pictures of solar panels and wrote some explanations. I won first prize!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    psychological are the most fun!

    and you had a really great idea.


    my last science project (way back in eighth grade =]) was whether family members had similar fingerprints. it was very simple, i just classified them by loop, double loop, whorl, or arched. but fingerprinting my family was fun!

    what are you passionate about? or what have you always wanted to do?

    my friend did hers on how perception affects taste. she had people taste test drinks, and she'd talk about them first, like this is more expensive than coke and not as good in my opinion, or this is cheaper and better i think...and the catcher was: they were all coca-cola. genius. =]

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