Problems in Venezuela?

I have to do a project which it involves me writing about another country.

I chose Venezuela, but i need a reason to travel there.

Is there any current problems going on there right now?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Venezuela has serious economical problems, in spite of being one of the largest exporters of petroleum of the world. the inflation is so big in Venezuela that the coin Venezuela had several zeros subtracted.

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    I believe there is no problem to travel right now, I live here and I believe the situation is going to be hard these incoming months but for us in Venezuela, for tourist I think is not. A reason to travel here? I don´t know, I like to make a different type of tourist, I like to visit the poor people of a country I visit, I visited Brazil and was in a house of a friend in a very dangerous place called Compensa in Manaus, in my travel to Cucuta in Colombia I was in another place where I think tourist doesn´t like to visit, the most of the tourist visit Spa, , disco´s, mall´s and something like that. Venezuela is a very rich country but we are very poor to be a petroleum exporter country.

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    4 years ago

    it is the concern with Venezuela. Venezuela has oil, alot of oil. america refines 80% of the worlds oil. That risk-free all of Venzuelas oil till recently, whilst Hugo Chavez got here to potential. He found out how lots america became taking from his "worldwide places money" and defiantly bought refining technologies. america boycotted Venezuela nad placed a commerce embargo on them. Chavez won't supply in to deprave oil enterprise blackmail. He needs oil money to circulate to the people of Venzuela not the wallet of u . s . a . fat cats. when you consider that he's procuring and merchandising off the opec industry Chavez is tanking america dollar fee by potential of lessing the call for for u . s . a . oil and centers which provides america 's money its fee. america has all yet strangled Venezuela's delivery by potential of intercepting ships in worldwide waters decrease than some phoney terrrorist regulation and detaining them till the fruit shipment has spoiled. america delays shippments of medicine and nutrition and desires. All to coach Chavez a lesson in not towing the line like the different worldwide places who're being ripped off blind by potential of america oil cartel. I say Chaevez ia a hero and that i desire the country will admire him for the stand he has taken. Vivo Venezuela!

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