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What do you think about this attitude that some men display regarding adult women molesting young boys?

I have heard many men say that every 14 year old boy's fantasy is to have sex with an older woman such as the "hot teacher" or his friend's "hot mom." I remember watching an episode of "Mind of Mencia" when they were poking fun of the Deborah LeFavre situation, saying the young boy who came forward "blew it" for all other young boys. This is not the only time I've heard men saying such a thing.

So my question is that on this forum, to me, it seems that women, especially feminism, gets the blame for more lenient sentences and attitudes toward female child molesters, but what about the very prevalent attitude among men that I described above? Are we as a society to blame for such an attitude, or are women, specifically feminists, the culprit?


Shakes: Um.... no... Please show me where I am blaming children for being raped.... You're just trying to sh*t stir. All I am pointing out is that it is a very prevalant attitude among many MEN that an adult woman having sex with a pubescent boy is somehow ok, yet it seems that many people on here blame women, and more specifically feminism for leniant sentences for female child molesters. I am asking how this can be when so many men condone the act.

I personally think it is sick.

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    You are correct, the attitudes revolving around it are a double standard amongst men. Usually its the chauvinists and ignorant morons like Mencia that can't take the testosterone blinders off and recognize that their dismissive conjecture only irritates the scenario.

    As a society when a female child molester is caught and publicized, more sensationalism is evident in our media especially if she is perceived attractive as LeFavre is. Some will blame feminism, I tend to blame the perception of society and our court system's inability to place equal punishment on the perpetrator as they would for men. This is still the grey area.

    It's more disgusting to me when the identity of the boy is released violating his privacy rights during these particular scenarios is more frequent than a female victim's identity.

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    The Silverscreen just answered with a common response to molested boys: shouldn't the kid just be happy to have sexual contact with a willing older female? That's just as bad as Clayton Williams telling women who are raped to lie back and enjoy it. There is no excuse or upside to assault and exploitation for any victim, male or female. I don't know that feminists are really behind the cover-up. I think most women are dismayed to see anyone of their gender playing up being pretty and emotionally troubled to avoid consequences. This is an accusation against society and its double standards.

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    The guys who say the male victim should be lucky are just mad and insecure that no hot teacher hit on them. I'm 26, and I have NO sexual attraction to 14 year old boys. I wouldn't want to date/marry a man that thinks it's okay for a grown woman to have sex with teenage boys.

    I don't care how hot someone is or how much you liked it (a lot of female molestation victims orgasm at the hands of the perpetrator as well), an adult sexually taking advantage of a minor isn't right.

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    In many cultures, including large parts of the U.S., becoming sexually active is essentially a Rite of Manhood. For a young male in his teens, as opposed to one who is prepubescent, the thought of exploring his sexuality with an experienced and attractive older partner is entirely natural, as it would be for a female did her social upbringing allow it. Historically people tended to marry and start having kids in their mid teens, so that's hardly sick, just because we have arbitrarily raised the starting age to conform to certain peoples concept of what their kids should do doesn't change the biological drives.

    You should also bear in mind that the statutory rape laws were not enacted to protect children but to protect fathers whose property, the daughter, might be devalued on the marriage market. Marrying a virgin maximized the chances of a mans heirs being his own kids, and that was a key issue. If a woman was sexually active the matter was in doubt. That didn't apply to boys, so the rules were different. The idea of applying stat rape laws to older women and teen aged boys is fairly new, going back no further than the '60s, and people not raised with such a viewpoint are likely to consider it ridiculous. Rape is understood to involve an unwilling participant, not a willing one whose parents disapprove.

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    Spuddy it is even more so accepted and known that women go for older men, especially young women. And yet it does nothing to alleviate the sentences for statutory rape of a minor when the girl is the victim.

    With that being said I feel rape should be used to describe incidents of rape and sex with a minor should be tagged sex with a minor, not rape.

    Gavin technically at 16 a woman can not sell stuff period without parental consent or do any buisness.

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    Spuddy, I have no awareness that the treatment of child molesters is getting more lenient. It has actually gotten much harsher. Once you are convicted of such a crime, in many states, you are obliged to register with the local police whenever you move, and then your name and address become publicly available on websites that promote identifying all sexual perps in your city.

    Let's use this as an example. The age of consent is 16 in many states. If a young woman can give consent to have sex, get pregnant and even get married, why can't she sell nude photos of herself on the Internet? This is because for this specific purpose the Federal Government has declared that 18 is the legal age of consent in terms of porn. So If anyone downloads images of 17 year old females, they are automatically guilty of being a sexual offender. This is true even if you only saw the pic online and never even downloaded it. This to me is Christian tyranny.

    As for the first part of your question, there are differences between boys and girls. I think it is probably true that the great majority of 14 year old boys would love to have sex with any female their own age or older, and that they are not traumatized by this in any way. The exceptions I think would belong to the category of boys who are made afraid of sex by insane Christian parents.

    I don't think the same thing holds true for men who molest boys. Generally these men will molest first to see if they get a reaction, and too many will go on to rape whether or not the boy wants to consent.

    It's true that women commit rape using instruments. This is rare, and is an act of extreme hostility, most often done with a male BF who is directing the action.

    I do think girls need to be protected. Girl's feelings are more easily manipulated and when girls are confused they can agree to things they regret having done afterwards. The fact that some of them knowingly agree to meet older men for the sake of either a romantic relationship or sex does not change the fact that they are being exploited.

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    Historically, we have taken separate approaches regarding male vs female child molestation. Yes, boys have been programmed and reinforced to believe that they are "lucky" if their provocative teacher molests them. Now if this teacher happens to be male, ugly, fat, or old, then it becomes another issue.

    Male hormones and society are to blame, not just feminism. Gladly, in recent years, some balance and justice are now taking hold, and thank God women are now being held to the same standards of behavior as men.

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    Good point. If feminists want equality, then women get equal jail time for the same crime. But the realities of life mean that a debate framed in equality is not going to yield realistic solutions to problems.

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    Now you're blaming the children for being raped! WTF?!?!

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    Legally, it is the same no matter what the gender, but you are correct, the social reactions are totally opposite.

    If a young girl is taken advantage of by a teacher, the teacher is a monster and the girl a victim.

    If a teenage boy has sex with a female teacher, the young boy is high-fiving his friends who are all envious and wanting to be next.

    It is sick . . . .

    Dan in Miami

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