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iTunes help please? Importing music from my iPod to a new iTunes?

I'm getting really frustrated. There has to be a way you can import the music from your iPod to a new iTunes on a different computer. I can't figure out how to do it! Someone please help me with this?


I'm using a PC. Does these transfer programs cost money/slow your computer down?

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    Technically, you aren't supposed to be able to do that. There are programs you can download that will do it though. I don't know if you are using a PC or Mac, but you should be able to go to google and search something like "ipod to itunes importer program".

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    a million. installation the main important as much as this element iTunes application onto your laptop 2. upload CD's of music or purchase music from the iTunes save into your iTunes. 3. Plug your iPod into the laptop with the provided USB cable. make advantageous your iTunes is open on the prompt. 4. A window will pop up which will ask you regarding the settings of your iPod. based upon what you %, all your music will in the present day get carry of onto your iPod or you will could manually do it. 5. in case you % preparation manual, drag music out of your iTunes Library to the little icon of the iPod which you will see on the left-hand panel of your iTunes. 6. click on that icon to ascertain what songs have been uploaded on on your hardware.

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    You can try Tansee iPod Transfer which can backup songs and videos in iPod to PC, copy iPod songs and videos to new ipod, computer or notebook.

    How to Transfer Song from iPod to Computer

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    When you plug in your iPod into the new computer, one of the little popups should ask you if you want to transfer all your data from your iPod onto that computer.

    Good luck! :D

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    umm you really don't need a different computer to import songs into itunes,

    all you have to do is manually put cd's into the hard drive and import songs of the cd.

    or what you can do is buy songs of the itunes store.

    any computer would be able to download itunes unless they don't have internet.

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