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I need a computer mouse that will travel further on-screen for smaller hand movements-please advise?

Searching reveals DPI may have something to do with it-would a gaming mouse be good for this? Also, something that I can use both left and right handed. Thanks


Thanks for the speedy resposes, folks. I'd already adjusted to the highest setting windows allows-but I'd still like a greater range of motion for the same amount of hand movement. The gaming mice seem the best. That said, it's not for gaming-just everyday use. Is there a downside to these mice for general use or do they rock?

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    you can alter mouse movements in the control panel if you're running xp open the control panel and double click on the mouse icon click the pointer options tab at the top is a slider for the mouse motion moving it to the right increases cursor movement with less mouse movement then move it to whatever suites you then click apply and ok

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    I'm not sure i understand the question.

    By default in Windows OSes mouse sensitivity increases when you move the mouse slowly, and decreases when you move it quickly.

    For example, move you mouse 1 mile per hour, and you pointer moves 1 mile per hour, but move it 2 miles per hour and your point moves 3 miles per hour. Move it 1/2 mile per hour, and it moves 1/3 mile per hour. I'm making these numbers up, but you get the idea.

    You can turn this feature off through control panel.

    If thats not what you want, then a gaming mouse will generally come with software that allows you to customize how it move in much more then windows will. I have a razor brand mouse (can't remember what kind exactly) that has lot of nice features, including the ability to adjust sensitivity on the fly.

    You can check out the most popular mice on newegg here (rated by people who've bought the mouse). Newegg users are generally gamers, so they have a pretty high demand on the quality of their mouse.

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    All the computers here use trust keyboards and mice. mine is a wireless mouse. It moves across my 19 inch widescreen with me hardly moving my hand. The wired one is also very good and alot cheaper. I cant say anything bad about trust products. They have never bothered me.

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    Have you tried speeding your mouse up?

    Go to Control panel then mouse and play around with the settings

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    1st of all u go to the start menu then control panel then mouse. go to pointer options then under motion drag the slide bar right to make it faster and left 2 make it slower. cool name by the way

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    well if you have a laser mouse (they have a laser on the bottom instead of a ball) you may want to check what you are "mousing " on if there is a reflective surface on your mouse pad you might want to buy another mouse pad that doesn't have a reflective surface.

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    Have you adjusted the sensitivity on your current mouse?

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    just turn your mouse speed up more

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