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Why dont i see CANADA in the news?

Never seen Canada in the news for Shi*.

Is Canada the best place to live. No terrorism threats, no bullshi. no unemployment scare. it seems to me the credit crunch is havin no effect to Canadians. All i hear in the news is other countries, But not canada. Strange.

Im from the UK btw

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    We have our troubles my friend but it isn't newsworthy to anyone of import I suppose.

    I was born and raised in Ontario and I've been across my country from the east to the west and it's beautiful. We have a sense of quiet dignity I suppose. We really don't like beating the drum or blowing our own horn. We know what we have done in the past, we know of Vimy ridge, we know our role at Hitler's line and we know how Pearson created a united peace corp before he was Prime Minister.

    We know this and much more but it's already accomplished, what's bragging going to do about it?

    We see that down south to us and it's abhorrent so we pretty much keep our accomplishments to ourselves.

    As for the social scene we are a multicultural land (more than is necessary as far as I'm concerned) but still people who immigrate here soon realize that it's better to let other nations speak of our good rather than blow our own horn.

    The banks are steady because our government demands accountability from them and the only way to do that is to enforce laws that make it so. There are credit problems right now but unlike our neighbours down south we don't go on about it making a mountain out of a ski hill. Sure it's big but not that big.

    The credit crunch is having an effect on us, but then we only have thirty million in our population. For heaven's sake the city of Mexico has more people in it's population than the whole of the province of Ontario!! (you can fit a couple of Englands in Ontario) That means that there is not so many people affected and it means it isn't so newsworthy.

    These are probably some of the reasons you don't hear so much about Canada in the news. The lack of international headlines about us isn't all that bothersome.

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    i'm a proud Canadian, in Toronto there is alot of mixed subculture, so we are used to the mixed subculture, as a result much less racism, I stay in Toronto <3. besides, yeah we do have a sturdy economey, however the conservatives are in ability now, i like the liberals. actual NDP yet they by no ability win. There are places like Vancouver (in B.C.) that have mountains on one area, sea coast on the different, then there's a mall interior of sight, it somewhat is awsome! And in Alberta we've alot of oil, which i assume we sell some to different worldwide places. We had or have some soliders down in Afganistan, yet i do no longer comprehend approximately thta anymore. Over right here we make exciting of George Bush alot. he he. yet to me and alot of human beings England sounds suitable aside from the rain.

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    Well right now our government is a complete mess, the economy here is about as good as the U.S. (which is to say, not very good.) But Canada is a wonderful country, which is why we have so many immigrants, because we are multicultural, and accepting.

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    Could be because of the HEAVY 'censorship' by the PUBLICLY FUNDED CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.). There's lots that they will not even let Canadians be informed about...

    ......Including if they (CBC Media) have asked OR 'will ask' ALL LIBERAL SENATORS if they agree with Senate reform to the point of having an elected senate ASAP instead of the public pig trough system we currently have.

    Source(s): Canadian in the Dark (other wise know as "the Mushroom").
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    We do have high unemployment and we have had terrorism plots however most Canadians are peace loving and not out to change the world. We are more live and let live in attitude than many others. Just a few thoughts.For any fanatics considering a move to Canada, you are not welcome here. Leave your centuries old hatreds back in your home country.

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    its never it the news becuase its not real country

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