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Need help unarchiving rar file with missing part?


I'm trying to unarchive a rar movie that has 5 parts, with part 3 missing. At the moment if I select "keep broken files" it creates a file upto part 2 but then stops. I need a way to skip part 3 and continue extracting the movie from part4. Or at least I need a way to start the extract at part 4.

Thanks in advance for any help.


@Herman: I'm sorry bro but I don't agree with you. Or at least WinRAR doesn't work like that.

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    you need to re-download again the broken files, their is no ways to join the whole files if their is one broken files, because the extraction method it will join all the files together then extract the files as temporary files first then copy to the directory where you extract it.

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    I have the same problem, Asked the same question and 99% of the answers were hopeless, I found this guy though who gave this answer:

    .....If it is a media file then here is what you can do. Make a copy of any of .rar part and rename it into the missing part. Then extract by right clicking the first rar (Right click>Extract file> tick Keep Broken files> ) let it go until 95% at this point cancel the operation manually it will ask do you want to cancel say yes. Now what is left is a broken media file. Open it with VLC media player it will ask to repair , repair it, there you go. What you would see is a copied part playing in the place of missing part. I did it just now and works fine.

    May be this can help for a while but there is a real need for a program which can extract any part of .rar without the need for other parts at all, lets hope there will be one such soon.....

    did tried without success, I think the reason was because the missing file in my case is 001. Anyway I'll keep trying, if you find the answer before me, would you share it?

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