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can an indian army trained man fight with blacks or martial artist?

indian army man fight againts martial artist or blacks or white people

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    What to mean by indian? Do you mean from India, or Native American?

    Native Americans don't have an "army". Most of them were peaceful, and when they were forced to fight they would do guerilla attacks against the enemy to destroy their supplies and spread mayhem.

    Indian army? From when they killed each other with kuris daggers and worshipped Kali-ma? Or now, where they use machine guns and grenades like everyone else? A man with a dagger would probably kill the average martial artist. So martial artists train to survive the first attack and get away, either by disabling their attacker and running or by using a weapon themselves.

    Its possible for an immensly skilled martial artist to defeat someone armed with a machine gun, but very remote. For it to work you'd have to be less than three feet away, and even then they could kill you by impaling you with the weapon's bayonet or bashing your face with it's stock.

    If the "indian army trained man" is unarmed? Again, a lot of factors. Are both opponents aware of each other? Are they fighting in a ring? Or on a beach? Or in the jungle? Even if the martial artist is unarmed, can he still grab a rock or a heavy brach and defend himself with that?

    Whether either one is black or white makes no difference. The only possible way it changes anything is that black people sunburn less easily than white people do. Unless both opponents are placed on an island and have to hunt each other down, their skin won't matter.

    I tried to answer your question as best I could, but in truth I really don't know what you're asking. It doesn't make a lot of sense, and it's really vague. Being ore specific or explaining it better will help us when we answer.

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    In the Indian army were you? Your question makes no sense unless you are racist. I am white, and never been in any army, but I have trained with and taught a Kaleidoscope of different races of people, and guess what. No matter your color, you are just a person, same as the other person. If the army training was any good, you could fight with anybody you want, I guess, but why would you want? J

    Source(s): 40 yrs training; Instructor: Shotokan, The-Balance-Ryu Karate-Do
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    yes, why would he want to. If this is an ego/which race is better question it is better to avoid fights anyways.

    Source(s): racism is stupid
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    You can fight with anyone you choose. Whether you win is entirely up to you.

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    I'm not fully understanding your question. Unless you are referring to the apparent ineptitude of the Indian commandos in handling the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai? Even so I don't see where martial arts or fighting blacks or any other ethnic group comes into play. What happened in Mumbai had more to do with the shoddy infrastructure of India and their military's lack of proper equipment and counterterrorist training. Secondly, modern military warfare emphasizes guns, missiles - long range weapons and not close quarter hand to hand fighting.

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    an indian can fight with those people regards of his or her training.

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    Bend over & take it like a man, b.i. t.c.h

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