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急求英文週記 journal 急要 唔該哂....

急求英文週記 journal 150字~200字就OK




聖誕節冇出過街 唔知點寫- -

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    This year's Christmas was one of the best I had ever have. I spent Christmas day with my parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. We all joined together and did many things. We opened presents, had a big feast, and sang Christmas carols. I got a PSP from my uncle, a shirt from aunt, and an iPod from my parents! The feast included mash potatoes with gravy, turkey, homemade french fries, and chocolate desserts. Since most of my family members didn't know English so well, when we sang our Christmas Carols, it sounded a bit annoying. I still believe we all had a really happy Christmas. Everybody got what they want, or at least liked what they got. I really appreciated the presents my family gave me, and what a wonderful Christmas God had given to every single family. I wish everybody a happy holiday, and I also looking forward for next year’s Christmas.

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