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小蘭 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago









B:我應該會推甄本校的研究所,校風良好,學生素質又高,這 就是為什麼我想選擇這所學校的原因。





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    A: We have graduated quickly, time really quick! What will you have to plan in the future?

    B: I want to continue to enter a higher school, if gets employed directly, I feared that could not find the work.

    A: What fears? So long as you have the strength, did not fear that could not find the work.

    B: Oh! Such has the self-confidence, therefore you planned after graduating, direct investment work place Luo?

    A: Not wrong, moreover I already started to be subject to duty to work, believe shortly afterward, might again find a good work.

    B: That wishes your good luck Luo!

    A: Thanks! Did not say that this, which research institute you have wanted to test?

    B: I should push the Zhen Benxiao research institute, the school spirit am good, the student quality is also high, this am why do I want to choose this school the reason.

    A: Sounds well, when can interview?

    B: On next Friday.

    A: Wishes you to have the good result.

    B: Thanks! You are such outstanding, believed that you certainly very quick might find a new work.

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