He wants to be in a serious relationship but doesn't call or text as often anymore.?

I met this guy online a month ago. We hooked up a few days later, after meeting online, just for conversation. After the second meeting, we slept together. We meet, at least, once a week and learn more about each other on every occasion. We haven't been out yet because of our lack of funds. We just meet up and have endless conversations. He just moved back into town and he claims to have a lot going on with finding a job and moving into his own place. He has 3 children, one of which he says hes with a lot. We used to text message and talk a lot on the phone, but now he hardly ever does. I'll text him a message or two and he responds, but then after another, I don't hear from him all day. I went a week without calling him and then I deleted his phone number. A day later he texts and asked me why hadn't I called. I asked him what he seriously wanted and he told me he made it known to me from the beginning that he wants a serious relationship. He needs to call me like he wants to be in one. Then again, I feel like I could be rushing things and I don't want to get hurt. I don't understand what's going on.


I forgot to mention that he's the quiet, reserved, observant type. He likes to analyze people. When he does talk, he's has a lot to say and I enjoy him.

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    take time and just be his friend.

    get to know him.

    try calling him once every few days,

    and asking about his children.

    offer to help him look for apartments,

    and go job hunting.

    make a date of it!

    like look at a few apartments,

    stop by McD's for a sundae,

    then go look at some more apartments.

    it could be a fun outing that lets him know you are willing to step up to the plate and be in a relationship.

    just give the relationship time.

    you don't need to text each other or talk o the phone all the time.

    i know of a lot of relationships that couples talk on the phone maybe once a day for 20 - 30 minutes and that's it.

    another thing is talk to him about his lack of communication.

    let him know you don't appreciate always having to start the conversations.

    that if he wants it to work,

    he needs to step up too.

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    i think you two got sexually involved too soon....but keeping that in mind you should be realistic about the nature of the relationship. just take things slow and try not to give your whole heart to him (though it sounds like you have already)...continue to get to know him, but don't do anything sexual until there is real commitment...

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    too bad hun.

    one night stand?

    i think so.

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