Minor being forced to birth control?

can a minor refuse to take the birth control

its the shot and it messes your body up bad

i tried telling my mom and doctor that i didnt want it but ive still had two shots of it

is it legal for me to refuse that form of medicine

and can my doctor tell my mother if i opt not to get it



its a health reason i want to have kids eventually i was sexually active but it was with one person and we both got checked before and after the intercourse and used protection

Update 2:

thank you so much; the only thing is my doctor tells my mom everything but really if i refuse and she throws a fit or the doctor tells her i could go before a judge and it be counted as child abuse of some sort?

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    The state you live in makes a difference since the laws may vary. Also your age. For example, in New York, it is illegal for any doctor to give a minor patient information regading any sexually related treatment to the parent if the child is 12 yrs old or older. There are some medical decisions your mother would be able to make since you are a minor, especially in the cases of emergencies because at your young age, you dont necessariliy understand the ramifications of such decisions. But in the case of sexual or drug related treatments, you may have a leg to stand on here. You will need to do a searh for 'patient confidentiality for minors in *your state*'.

    The next question is, if you find out your rights are being breached here (personally, I think they are but then again I dont know how old you are) what can you do about it? You dont want to start making a scene and saying you are going to call the police or child protective services because that simply doesnt sound like a mature girl making her own decisions (although CPS may actually be an option). You can possibly go to the doctor and say something like "I wonder what the AMA (American Medical Association) would say regarding my patient confidentiality rights here." It is a sound, calm yet mature "threat". But do your homework for your age and state.

    Good luck,

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    Patient information is confidential, even at your age. He can't tell your mother any information about your birth control, or even sexually transmitted diseases if you would be to have any. This is not her or his decision. It's yours. Be very clear at the next visit to tell him that you do not want it and will not have it! ...including that you might pursue legal action if he doesn't comply couldn't hurt.

    You need to find someone to call immediately if he still gives you the vaccine. Perhaps Child Protective Services so that they can connect you with an attorney who will protect you!

    This is a serious issue and pleasure folow through with it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    no, they cant force you to take anything. why on earth do they do that. first of all you need to tell that doctor that you dont want that regardless of what your parent says. and if they insist, go talk to local judge, see what they say. i mean you are not going to sue your mom. but if this affects your health or against your beliefs, the doctors cant push it on you. stand up for yourself. bithcontrol is a personal choice. they cant make you damage your health (they might want proof how it affects you negatively).

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  • 1 decade ago

    that is horrible. and they have no right to make you have the shots. is it for a health reason or just because your having sex?

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