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What are my options for acquiring a business credit card?

I am a recent college graduate looking to start a tax preparation business. I have average credit with one major charge off on my credit report. What are my options for applying for a business credit card to finance office material and supplies? Im not looking for a huge credit limit, just need about 5k.

I know its ONLY 5k and your probably thinking I should borrow it from my parents or ask a "rich family member" I dont have those kind of resources so please refrain from those kind of answers. Serious answers only. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi LRJ,

    If your going to try pitching to banks...i would suggest pitching to local banks in your community. They are more flexible with their terms and loan regulations because a lot of them are self underwritten loans. Remember to polish up your business plan and dress the part as well and of course the bank always want to know what is in it for them.

    Another alternative is to start an LLC or Incorporate yourself as a business...then apply to supply companies using your LLC or Inc name. They will start you off with some credit line to get your supplies. Also apply to department stores that carry office supplies and in between all of them you should come close to your goal. At first it is hard to start your business credit line but it can be done.

    I also have another source that a credit repair system recommends and they have a 5,000 and 10,000 credit card through their own retail company but there is some costs associated with these but they do rebuild your credit as well. Not trying to sell you anything, just resources that i have.

    I hope this helps with your situation and wish you a great success and a Happy New Year!

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    When I started my business my credit card was based off of my credit since my business wasn't around long enough for the credit card companies attach my credit account to my business. I went with Chase and got a Business Professional credit card account which but a percent of my purchases back in the form of cash checks I got in the mail. They also for the first year gave me no interest. You might want to try going to a bank with your business plan also and pitch your plan to them to get a loan but these days that might be like pulling teeth.

    Another alternative is to look for someone to invest in your company. Find some friends or friends of friends whom have money to invest and pitch them your idea and break down ROI for them. Lastly you could start a tax preparation business and apply for a grants. There might be one where you could do x amount of tax returns for the underprivileged in return for money. Good luck.

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