Is this child endangerment?

If there is a 10 year old at home with two adults but the adults are not in the same room constantly watching him but are at home and are easily found if he needs something or if it's an emergency. (Doors unlocked) Is that still considered as if the adults are not home? I keep telling him to call us if he needs something but he doesn't, unless it's an emergency. He makes his own microwave dinners for lunch out of his own choice. He's thrown my food in the garbage before because he doesn't like my cooking. I think he wants to be independant but his mom just calls us neglectful because we aren't constantly in the same room as him.

Personally, what is your opinion?


Also, Not babysitter. Just doing as a favor. Not getting paid.

Update 2:

Also doors unlocked means inside doors unlocked but outside doors are, just letting you know.

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    No, this is not neglect. It sounds as if the boy wants to be independent, and that is a good thing. If you are watching him for free then his mom really can't complain to you about not standing over him constantly. It sounds as if his mother is a hoverer and wants him to remain a baby forever. She will end up making him an immature, dependent, and needy person. I have known children that can't be alone in a room and it is very annoying to see a ten year old that is so clingy and immature for their age.

  • kc
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    I think thats NOT neglect. No ten year old needs to be watched 100 percent of the time, doing so would lead to resentment due to lack of privacy. I do think an adult should be in the same room when cooking though, even if its just a microwave. However, if you are a babysitter, you should probably respect his mom's wishes, or else get fired, even if everything really is fine.

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    No it's not however the doors to the house should be locked someone could walk in and hurt the child without you hearing.At 10 kids tend to be independent and don't need adults hanging around them all the time just as long as someone is in the house it is fine.

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    Personally, mom needs to take a chill pill or she's gonna have a son that can't do anything for himself when he gets older. Kids have to learn independence at home (aka doing things like food and chores for themself) This kid sounds like he's doing well at that and therefore doesn't need constant supervision (someone in the same room with him at all times) I would have gone nuts if my family had to keep tabs on me at all times as a kid - I like to read and it was too noisy where the rest of the family was at times so I went to my room where it was quiet, this kid is definately old enough to do that.

    Child neglect (definition from Wikipedia) is a form of child abuse, when a child's legal guardian fails to adequately provide for the child's physical or emotional needs. This kid was being supervised, was being fed and from your description doesn't appear to be in any emotional distress, so I think you're OK and mom is seriously overreacting.

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    I don't think a 10 year old needs constant supervision when in the same house as 2 adults. I would want him eating something healthy, even if it's nuked. That would be my only issue.

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    From what you wrote, it not child abuse. So long as you are not ignoring him, and you are constantly making an attempt to try to connect. After all that is what you are there for.

    I think children can pick up "energy". If he is giving you that type of energy, than you might be doing something wrong or you need to reexamine your approach.

    Source(s): Psychology major. I constantly read books on redirecting children behavior.
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    Personally the kids 10, he doesn't need someone in the same room as him watching him 24/7

    he's old enough to make himself food and to entertain himself when he's bored.

    my personal opinion is that you should mind your own buisness I don't see anything wrong.

  • sammy
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    10 years old are inpedendant. it would be if the child were like 5-7

  • Anonymous
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    No there's nothing wrong! It's a little more sad when there isn't any communicating or interacting if there isn't another child of the same age. But that's ok.

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