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I downloaded handbrake and don't know how to use it?

When I put in the DVD, and open up handbrake, it asks me which folder the DVD is in? I've tried all on the list and none have worked, what am I doing wrong? It says this folder doesn't contain any ifo files, try another one. I am ripping a DVD I bought, not a DVD from netflics or blockbuster or anything like that, please just give me a step by step titorial on how to use handbrake. Also, I have a toshiba DVD recorder vcr combo, and I like to record my favorite TV shows, how do I rip those with handbrake?

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    if you are using a mac, here's what you do: when you get into it and you open the source, it should go into finder. in finder, on the left there should be a title called devices. under that there should be the name of the movie you are using. click on it, and press done. this is what worked for me, and i am sorry if it doesn't work for you. you also need to have VLC downloaded if you don't already. watch this video to clear things up:

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    You may take a look at this step by step guide, it will teach you how to rip and copy DVD movie to computer, it's easy to understand and works pretty well for me.

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    I have used almost all free software, but its function is very limited. So I think you’d better buy one, and I always use Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac, it can rip DVD to computer, ipod, zune, psp and so on. It’s my favorite. You can free download and try it.

    step by step guide:

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