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Building new gaming PC - Tips?

I'm building a new PC from my old one. Here are my OLD specs:


Nforce 4 SLI edition

80gb HDD

600w PSU

amd 64 3200+

2gb ddr400

Here is my new PC part specs:

geforce 9800gtx

AMD phenom 9850

4gb ddr 1066


500gb HDD

same 600w PSU

Now, would this be considered a good build? I'm going to be playing Crysis at 1680x1050 with No Antialiasing. How long would you say this computer would last? I stand playing games at medium, so I would estimate about 3 years, right? Any help appreciated.

BTW - I know everyone is going to say "Get the ATI HD 4850 instead", but I'm stick with Nvidia anyway. Any other help greatly appreciated.


Also BTW - I haven't ordered yet, so I can make changes before doing so. Thx.

Update 2:

I am getting a new motherboard, from 939 to am2+.

4 Answers

  • Dean B
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    Are you still using the old motherboard? if not you may as well do up a brand new PC, n keep the old one intact, stick Linux on it or summit give it a decent sized hard drive n run it as a media server.

    And don't make the novice mistake n neglect the PSU. It powers everything in your PC, it's important, do not use an old PSU, that will be dusty, warn out, etc. I have a 8800GTS n Q6600 on 650W, n the GPU power's down/blacks out every now n then, so a 9800GTX will prob's use a tad more than that.

    But overall a good system, and yeah I reckon it should run new games for next 3 years, If you get a decent motherboard you should be able to do incremental upgrades to it. like one with support for DDR3 3 PCI-E 16X slot's etc.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Mate searching at what you've were given there you've a quite awsesom device my purely ideas might want to be right here HDD: change over to 2 500gb WD 7200 RPM drives Sound: get a XfiGamer and a Logitech Z-5500 speaker device we dont have Patriot ram right here so some distance as i comprehend yet corsair (imagine dats the way you spell it) is between the perfect Dont worry with vista as yet. I actually have both 32bit and 64bit and its more beneficial positive only to stay with XP till the service %. comes out and this count is continually a warm topic and a count of decision yet i might want to point an ATI card over Nvidia desire this helps jazza

  • 1 decade ago

    My only suggestion would be to go with Intel Core 2 Duo, or possibly Intel Quad Core processor... preferably a 2.6Ghz or higher.

    Intel are great, I was unsatisfied with my last AMD processor.

    Otherwise, it seems good overall.

    I agree with you on Nvidia, even the standard ones are of high-quality.

  • 1 decade ago

    i think everything is fine .

    Try to get a better graphic card which will last longer .

    I would also suggest you to get a intel i7

    or core 2 quad

    or core 2 duo

    at a decent speed ( 3ghz ).

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