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how come i never get best answer when someone asks how do i gain weight and i say go on the sumo diet?

what other way is there to gain weight?

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    Because it isn't just the diet that makes sumo big. You know this one Gentle Asker. ^__^

    Sumo eat, then they *sleep*. That is what makes them fat.

    Not to mention, when they are physically active, it's with grappling and other power-based exercise. Nobody ever does any cardio, and even the lighter weight sumoka (below the 350 pound range) are built like power-lifters, thick in the middle, because of it.

    Actually, that phrase, "thick in the middle" sums it up. ^__^ Nobody in a Western culture likes that idea. When they think "bigger" they usually think in a body-building sense of huge chest, huge limbs....but not the torso.

    But yeah. Details. ^__^ All *good* Best Answers are in the details.

    Thanks kindly for your time!

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    Sumo, Shamu... no one ever sticks to diets.

    Fat women always SAY they are dieting then rudely ask for some of your fries.

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    you forgot to explain to them how the program works

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