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How do you kiss someone?

How to kiss plz.

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    Be kissable. Use lip balm, especially if your lips tend to get dry and chapped. Soft lips are simply more inviting. Most importantly, nobody wants to kiss someone with bad breath, so carry some breath mints or gum with you, especially when eating garlic or anything that may not make your breath smell pleasant if you’re going out on a date.

    Test the waters. Pay attention to signals that the other person is into you and is ready for a kiss. Do they brush up against you or frequently enter your personal space with playful, innocent touches? Has the subject of kissing come up in conversation? If you haven’t noticed any of these signals, but the person does seem “into you,” try discreetly and innocently breaking the touch barrier (guys will generally be very receptive to this, many girls might not). The key is to be subtle and to watch the other person’s reaction.

    Offer a mint, only after you've just had one. This can let the other person know what's on your mind, unless you offer them mints all the time.

    Glance at his or her lips. Don't stare, and don't do this when they're talking about something that's important to them like, "My mom just died.". Don't make strange faces when you do this, they might think something is wrong with them.

    Kiss her hand. How does she respond?

    Wait for the right moment. There’s usually no hurry for a kiss, especially a first kiss with someone, so be patient and wait until the mood is right. Some good times are at a romantic movie after or during an on screen kiss, walking in the moonlight, or during a particularly intimate conversation. Wait until the two of you are alone so that the other person will feel more comfortable and so that nobody will see if your attempt to kiss is rejected. Many girls (and guys) don't want to be asked: they prefer that you be confident enough to take a risk and just go for it. One way to do so is to stop whatever you’re doing and silently look into the person’s eyes for a moment or two. Touch their face, then gently pull him/her toward you for a kiss. If the person pulls away or hesitates at any time, he or she is not ready for a kiss. If this happens, tell them that you want to give them a hug and go for that.

    Approach for the kiss. Approach slowly and smoothly. Depending on your starting position you may need only to turn your head, or you may need to lean in a bit. You may want to use your hands to gently urge your partner’s body or head into position—you just want to guide his or her movement a little, you don’t want to forcibly move any part of his or her body or hold your partner in an uncomfortable position—but in general you just want to position yourself correctly and let your partner meet you. As you near your partner’s lips, maintain eye contact. You may want to close your eyes after your lips meet to heighten the sensuality of the kiss (and to avoid staring at the pores on his or her face).

    Kiss gently. There are many kinds of kisses, from quick pecks to sweet, passionate kisses. There’s a time and place for all of these, but your first kiss with someone should be gentle and romantic. Don’t press your mouth onto your partner’s--just let your lips meet--and don’t try to push your tongue into his or her mouth. When your lips meet, pucker them and give a kiss, then smile and pull away a little, keeping your head close to your partner’s. If your partner moves to kiss you back or seems to like it and doesn’t pull away, go in for another kiss, this one a little firmer and longer. Put your hands on their face or around their shoulders.

    Make the kiss the reason for the kiss. Some people seem to treat kisses as nothing more than a prelude to something else, and will try to quickly move into French kissing. Good kissers concentrate on the kiss, and they kiss, at least seemingly, expecting nothing more. Enjoy the experience, and don’t move too fast. Live in the moment. You will not kiss as well if your mind is somewhere else. For example, when kissing, try to avoid thoughts like "What is he/she thinking about?", "Do I look good tonight?", or anything else. Don't be too self-conscious, or have ANY thoughts outside the kiss if you can help it. Instead, concentrate on the way the other person's lips feel against yours.

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    It's Easy.

    Just Go With The Flow.

    It'll Get Easier As It Goes.

    Don't Be Nervous!

    Answer Mineee?

    The Boreddd One.

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    guy or girl. a guy will kiss you anytime you can go for it or you can ask him or her " can i kiss you" or " would you hold it against me if i kissed you". try wearing fruity lip balm it help that your lips tast good not bad gain you extra points with them. count to 3 also then back up one step and look directly in his eyes. make sure you close your eyes when you kiss.

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    Most girlz do, i practice on my girlfriend instead though =P. dont tell her (hehe) ive had plenty of experience.

    kissing is easy, its just sumthin you do and realise hown stupid you were for thinkin it was a puzzle. dont worry, im sure if your boyfriend, or whoever your kissing wont care, and the chances are, its their first kiss aswell so they wil be worrying just as much

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    Make sure your mouth isnt full of saliva...make sure your breath doesn't stink... not to fast, definitely not too fast cuz then you'll seem REALLY inexperienced...grab the back of his head while you do it cuz guys really like that too.

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    depends what kind of kiss lol

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    if u r a girl and u wanna kissa guy then finda private place and start rubbing his d*** then peck him on the cheek or make depnds on your personality...hope this helps:}

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    LMAO! practice on your pillow

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    mouth to mouth

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    puff your lips and don't hit their nose.

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