Can a 19 year old adopt children in the state of Virginia? If so how?

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    You can adopt a child but here's the thing...there are many other adults out there that want to adopt a child with good jobs and they have established themselves and have a steady paycheck. They are able to support a child, and they have spouses that have a steady income as well. So you're not going to be at the top of the list. I mean you pretty much just finished high school, so I don't think that they're gonna throw a kid on you while you're establishing what kind of person you are going to be when you grow up. I mean 19 is still a very young age to get pregnant, and I think that all will affect your chances of being able to adopt a child.

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    Every adoption agency had a different set of rules. Some do married families only, some for heterosexuals only, some deal with certain religious groups, some have age minimums and age limits. There are many other restrictions besides the ones I am mentioning. I'm sure there is an adoption agency in Virginia that will work out perfect for you starting your family! But you will have to shop around and find which agency is the best fit!

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    Probably a yes,but it will be more difficult because of your age and inexperience.

    In some cases,an adult child has been allowed to adopt their sibling brothers and sisters in order to keep the family together and out of foster homes.

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    I think they may start a person that young (once approved) off with foster care first then the progress will begin once you can prove that you have what it takes to really adopt the child.

    Bless you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, adoption agencies will not give a baby to someone that young.

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