chances of getting into these colleges?

im only a sophmore in high school. But already im freaking out i really dont think i have good enough anything to get into these colleges. I want to go into nursing & go to college in new york, so NYU, columbia, mount saint mary, hunter. brookedale, and yale are all options. But currently i only have a 90 g.p.a and my only extra activity is varsity field hockey, what else can i do to have a better chancce of getting into these colleges?

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    Columbia and Yale are REALLY hard to get into. NYU is difficult too, but not quite as expensive and more realistic (not saying you cant get into the others, you definitely could, but NYU is just as good in my opinion). And your GPA is great, mine was only an 86 and I got into the University of Rochester (didn't go due to costs), so a 90 could definitely get you into even better schools. I also didn't have a job, didn't do any sports, nor did I participate in any clubs or orgainizations (Funny thing is, I'm doing all of that now that I'm in college). You'll do fine, just as long as you make the most out of the rest of this year and ESPECIALLY next year. Take a lot of AP's, SERIOUSLY, they're probably the reason why I'm not going to a community college. Get a summer job. You're already in a sport, so you're good for extracurriculars. Also, take the ACT. It's more practical and, in my opinion, easier. I got a 1370 on the SAT but a 32 on the ACT, which is the equivalent of a 1440. Colleges don't even care which one you take now anyway, and you could always take it again (I did for the SAT, raised my score 150 points the 2nd time). GPA isn't as important as everyone makes it out to be, but you should still keep it as high as you can.

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    You have a strong chance of getting in. Have you made your list according to reaches, safeties, and 50/50? Some of your schools may surprisingly reject you, because they figure you are strong enough to get into a more "elite" school (I was rejected from a cal state, but got into George Washington!). Have you also made your list according to affordability? Your GPA is fine if you are not thinking of ivy league. Furthermore, after taking 3 AP courses per semester in my junior and senior years, and all honors courses, I can tell you AP is a waste of time. You take a course, and you MIGHT get credit IF you pass the exam with a score your university will accept. OR, you can go to community college, pass the course, and it counts regardless, as long as it is transferable! IF money is an issue, I would take courses at a community college that transfer over, and you can enter university with half your freshman year knocked off. In other words, in your second semester, you are a sophomore!

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    Plan ahead and make sure that you can take the most difficult classes offered at your high school by your junior/senior year, and make sure your college counselor/guidance counselor knows your goal. Use your next two summers to study for the SATs until you know that you are overprepared for the math section and the SAT II math, bio, and another science. Stay varsity field hockey for the remaining of your high school years.

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    Raise your GPA a few points if you can. Volunteer in the Field you are interested. Study aggressively for your SATs. And most importantly talk it over with your Guidance Counselor instead of the anonymous people on here. Your future is too important to rely on these Yahoos (pun intended)

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    taking AP classes, running for class officer, getting a job, and volunteering will all help you.

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