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Does the news blackout of Israel murdering Palestinians show who controls our country?

Amnesty International and other human rights organizations have decried Israel's continued aerial bombing campaign as unlawful and denounced the killing of more than 300 Palestinians since 27 December, including scores of unarmed civilians not taking part in the hostilities. Israel's attacks on the densely populated Gaza Strip also elicited condemnation from numerous world politicians and sparked protests in global cities.

Despite international outcry over escalating violence, the U.S. mainstream media continues to privilege a prepackaged narrative in which Israel's actions are never disproportionate, never counterproductive and certainly never gratuitous. According to the mainstream media, the U.S. must continue uncompromisingly supporting Israel because the allegedly beleaguered democracy is held hostage by monomaniacal Islamofascists who are inherently evil. Promoting a paradigm in which Israel is always David up against Goliath, the U.S. media presents suffering Palestinians as expendable for the greater cause of Israel winning its epic struggle. To justify U.S.'s carte blanche to Israel, the mainstream media restricts American readers to an echo chamber in which the following claims are repeated ad nausem until they are mistaken for fact:

1. Israel has a legal and moral right to bomb Gaza out of defense Security concerns are not and never have been a tolerable justification for pre-emptive attacks. Israel's decision to bomb Gaza represents a major assault on the international rule of law. The law of occupation is one of the oldest and most developed branches of international humanitarian law. An occupying power is obliged to follow the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention, which protects the civilian population. The United Nations Security Council held in 1979 that the Fourth Convention did apply in the territories seized by Israel in 1967. Article 48 of the additional protocol is clear that Israel, as an occupying power, has obligations: "The Parties to the conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives and accordingly shall direct their operations only against military objective." The latest Israeli attacks come on top of a brutal siege of the Gaza Strip which has created a humanitarian catastrophe of dire proportions for Gaza's beleaguered Palestinian residents by restricting the provision of food, fuel, medicine, electricity, and other necessities of life. "International law is not observed with respect to Israeli policies towards the Gaza Strip, Israel continues to reinforce an occupation whose every element violates international humanitarian law, and particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention," notes Jeff Halper, an Israeli-American Anthropologist, author, lecturer, political activist, and co-founder and Coordinator of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.

2. Israeli citizens live in constant fear of Hamas rockets Since 2005 Hamas has fired some 6,300 rockets from Gaza at Israel, killing 10 people.[1] In just the last four days, Israel has reduced the Gaza Strip to rubble and killed over 300 Palestinians. During the ongoing four-decade-long brutal occupation of historic Palestine and the recent grotesquely inhumane blockade of Gaza, Palestinian deaths have far outnumbered Israeli deaths. Since September 29, 2000, approximately 123 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians whereas 1,050 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis. Since September 29, 2000, a total of 1,062 Israelis and no fewer than 4,876 Palestinians were killed in the conflict.[2]

3. Hamas refuses to recognize the right of Israel to exist and has never made any concessions As Seth Ackerman of Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) notes, there is no need to euphemize Hamas' history of brutal tactics or its bellicose ideology, but Hamas has signaled its potential willingness to accept a two-state settlement and make other concessions to broker peace.[3] Hamas has also made tentative offers of a long-term "hudna," or truce, albeit with less gusto than Israel demands.

4. Israel is only targeting Hamas headquarters Gaza, one of the most densely populated tracts of land in the world, is home to about 1.3m Palestinians, about 33% of whom live in United Nations-funded refugee camps.[4] Avoiding civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip during aerial raids is comparable to trying to avoid such casualties in Washington DC, New York City or Los Angeles. "Because Gaza is so densely populated, there is no such thing as precision strike - you have glass, brick, shrapnel flying into people's homes," notes Ewa Jasiewicz, a volunteer with the Free Gaza Movement.[5]

5. Attacking Hamas will help Israel achieve security There is no doubt that the recent attacks will only embolden and multiply Israel's detractors. Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a religious decree to Muslims around the world o

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    I will allude to your first sentence, the rest is not of interest to me.

    Self defense is never, ever illegal. Amnesty Int'l has no legal position when it comes to war or the tactics one combatant uses over another.

    Israel is much more capable and more qualified than any middle eastern country to inflict greater damage on its enemy, than its enemy on it. The attacks on Israel were from the populated areas of Gaza. This is where the enemy took a stand, therefore Israel has every right to direct their air attacks where the enemy has concentrated its effort against it.

    The Palestinians knew that Israel would eventually retaliate. Why then did they not move their families out of harm's way, is it because Hamas would retaliate against them if they did ?

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    The Arab countries are making plans now, so they will have more then just Palestinians fighting now. The one thing that the Arabs are enjoying is world attention on the Occupation of Palestinians People. What really sickens me is that the media does not give any information and it has not really for the 60 years of the Occupation. It will only give the Israelis side of the story, leaving out the details of what really caused the problem in the first place. Soon Israels only friend is the US, but after all the money that the US spends on Gaza being rebuilt gets destroy again. At this point no counties are allowed in Gaza without Israeli approval. Why would Israel want other counties learning the conditions there? Any reporter or humanitarian worker that goes into Gaza will look down on the Zionist government so much that they would dedicate the rest of their life in speaking out for Gaza. It is a none fact that any reporter that goes into Gaza is unharmed by the Palestinians, but sometimes they get arrested or killed by Israeli soldiers. That is a fact only for those that are exposed to the truth of the matter. If you are stuck on just one kind of media, then you could be brainwashed by them. Israel does not want this, this is why no reporters are aloud in. Except for those reporter that are Zionist.

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    The US media, in particular, is driven by one thing - ratings. Solid ratings drive up their ability to attract clients based on a known demographic and therefore their advertising revenue. The media's bias is entirely a reaction to their understanding of what their audience wants to hear. It has nothing to do with truth or being "fair and balanced". You won't watch a channel that you don't agree with - which is why here in the US some people only watch FOX and others only watch MS-NBC.

    The problem of course is that you end up with people having very polarized views of things because it's much easier for TV stations, for example, to be consistent with one viewpoint and therefore keep their audiences. It's also easier for these same stations to portray the other stations as less useful because they don't share their views (and they use bigots like Bill O'Reilly to make their points).

    In this country, of course, there's also the "Jewish Factor" - we have all been schooled in the political incorrectness of criticizing jews and so if you say anything anti-Israel (which frankly should have nothing to with their national religion) then the likes of AIPAC will label you as an "anti-semite"! Of course this is a ridiculous attitude (imagine being labeled an anti-Catholic because you think Sylvio Berlusconi is a corrupt politician) but nonetheless is prevalent in this country.

    When the media is truly fair and balanced (unlike Fox TV) we'll have made some progress, but human nature and economics probably will not allow it in the US. Personally, I've given up on the US news outlets - I just use the BBC.

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    Your question is too long to read so I'll just add 1 little comment: Mossad has infiltrated Hamas and runs it. They purposely send rockets to the Israel side of the wall as a reason to launch attacks on Palestinians. That's why there are only a few Israelis killed and countless numbers of Palestinians.

    One side has the most advanced weaponry known to mankind while the other has rocks and bottles and a few outdated rockets. Who is the victim?

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    Okay seriously both sides are not being covered enough when you listen to any American news station all they talk about is how is Israelites are being mistreated they only bring in Representatives from Israel the only reason they send out rockets is because Israelite soldiers are constantly on our land. Have any of you read about the 40 smuggling tunnels that have been destroyed well there shouldn't be tunnels if they werent allowed to get there own food instead of starved, and people are constantly moved out of there homes to make room for them they get zero in return basically just leave by set time or get shot. Just because they lost landin Germany ddoesn'tgive them the right to take ours also some people are constantly talking about how the children should be killed since they throw rocks at soldiers well so WHAT. How would you feel if you came home from school one day and saw that your mother, father or sibling was dead im pretty sure yyou'dwant to throw rocks at them. I can tell most of the other people who answered didn't even READ what she wrote no offense to those who did.

    Source(s): actual people living in Palestine
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    I do not think it is the business of anyone in the USA.

    We cannot even control what is going on in Afghanistan or Iraq.

    More were killed in Afghanistan this year than any year before.

    And Iraq is a joke and that isn't published hardly anymore.

    We do not need involvement in any thing else in the middle east.

    We should get out and let them kill each other it has worked well for over 2000 years.

    The Native Americans never even knew about the middle east and the wars that that they fought. They were smart they were not involved in them. They continued to kill each other for 2000 years with out any help from the USA or Bush. So get out and let them go back to the way they were. Those people will never stop killing each other as long as one of them is alive.

    If you want to stop war in the middle east you need several well placed nuclear bombs.

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    I have seen reports on both sides, none of which supports Hamas. Egypt has placed embargoes and are stopping Palestinians from crossing the border until Hamas returns the rightful rule to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Yet, you don't see Hamas bombing Egypt. Abbas himself has been reported to request Israel to bomb Hamas. In all fairness, I have not nor am I going to read your entire rant but I stand behind Israel, Egypt and any other country that denounces what Hamas is doing...especially the chicken way they hide behind civilians. Typical terrorists activity.

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    First of all you obviously are a terrorist sympathizer. Whatever...I applaud and support Israel for defending themselves against terrorists. Boo Hoo The Hamas do not have the fire power Israel has. My advice to them do not pick a fight with someone bigger than you. I learned this in grade school. Are you people intellectually challenged or what?

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    theres no news blackout and Israel has targeted Hamas who act like a bunch of animals, not as rulers who want a legitimate state.

    The BS rationalization in point 3 of Hamas is pathetic. They only want to destroy Israel and are scum. You really should read the crap you cut and paste.

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    No to your answer. Sounds like someone is having an affair with a greasy taxi driver.

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