im 17 and i have a joint checking account with my dad am i able to deposit checks without my parent being ther?

i use pnc bank

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    yeah, it just means you share an account and you can take out money or deposit by yourself and so can your dad.

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    I'm 99% sure you can.

    If you are unsure you can use the ATM card and make the deposit at the ATM.

    If you don't even want to go to the bank you can mail the deposit - I used to do it all the time for years and years.

    Make sure you endore the back like this:

    'your name

    'for deposit only

    'only at blah blah bank branch location

    'in account number #23455

    I made a copy of my check just to make sure


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    Pretty much *anyone* can deposit money into anyone's account, as long as they have the correct account number. It's only when you try to withdraw money that things get a little more complicated.

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    Yes, you can deposit without your dad there. Anyone can deposit to the account if they have a deposit slip with the account # on it.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    If the account became into joint, and your mom did no longer explicitly direct monies from that account to you specifically, then you certainly may well be up the creek and not making use of a paddle as far by using fact the economic corporation is worried. whenever you have a joint account with every person, the two party can deposit and withdraw money up the excellent quantity without reason or reason. The economic corporation has it set up this way to stay away from any criminal matters and so as that the banks themselves can't be hauled into the midsection of circumstances precisely like the single you defined. in case you elect any style of restitution in any respect, you will ought to report a civil healthful against your aunt and have her clarify to a decide why she took the funds and what her reasoning became into in the back of her movements. it particularly is the only way you have gotten a shot at convalescing any of the funds at this element. although she legally took the funds from the economic corporation, the courts would award some or all of it to you and your criminal expert in the experience that your aunt gets tongue twisted on the witness stand. stable success, and that i'm sorry this got here approximately to you. a brilliant form of folk dealing with divorces have the offending companion grasp their money in this way besides. you would be shocked how in many cases considered one of those element happens everywhere on a daily basis. that is jacked up in a foul way, lemme tell ya.

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    Deposit YES.. write a check - probably not.

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