Volkswagen Jetta HEEELLLPPP!!!?

This is to anyone who has or had owned a Volkswagen Jetta.

I am thinking of buying one and I want your opinion, well actually I want you to be brutally honest and tell me everything good and bad about this car.. so basically the pros and cons.

I am 17 and buying this car.. it will be my first car so I want it to be perfect. (no i'm not a spoiled brat lol I am paying it with my own money)

anyway.. just tell me the year of the car and if you bought it or leased it and what you think would be the best idea for me (buying or leasing)

I am looking into the 2003 model but I hear that it only comes in manual (in those years) and idk how to drive stick shift.. also I hear it only comes in leather.. and obviously I am vegan and don't like that.. but if I have to, I will suck it up... so please help me out here!!! lol thanks to all answers!

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    Don't listen to this person above me, they are clearly just the disgruntled previous owner of a Jetta that happened to have issues. There were just a couple recalls for the '04 Jetta. They were a vast improvement over the 2000. That body style Jetta was released in 99.5, and for the first 1.5 years they had issues. Most common problems were coilpacks and the mass air flow sensor. Both are easy and inexpensive fixes. Find one with reasonable mileage that has been well maintained and you will be just fine. Believe me, I owned a 4 VW's, a 2000 GTI, 2001 Audi TT (essentially a VW GTI), 2004 Jetta and I currently have a 2007 GTI. The only one that I had significant issues with was the 2000 GTI, and it wasn't THAT bad. It was at the dealer for work 6 or 7 times in 5 years.

    Oh, and another thing about the person's response above me. I have no idea where they got the numbers for the gas mileage for the Corolla and the Civic, but has the following:

    2000 Civic: 27 city/33 highway

    2000 Corolla: 24 city/27 highway

    The horsepower numbers they listed are way off too. These are the numbers for all of the base models:

    2000 Civic: 106

    2000 Corolla: 125

    2000 Jetta: 115

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    I've had Volkswagen's before and the jetta depending on which year can be a good car to have or a bad car to have. If you really want one then have a mechanic to go with you. Good luck!!!

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    golfing and Jetta are technically a similar except for the notchback. i will flow for the golfing yet that is because Jetta hasn't ever been a vehicle for youthful human beings over right here because of the trunk, yet interior the US I see them everywhere so i wager they're more low-cost on the 2d-hand vehicle marketplace.

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    the 99-04 jetta's were an absolute nightmare. recall followed recall. reliability was so bad that Consumer Reports put them on their 'cars to avoid' list every year they were made. for those years VW was rated one of the 2 or 3 worst manufacturers in the US.

    add to that they get poor fuel economy for the compact class (only 30 mpg hwy vs 41 for a corolla or civic of similar years) and have a small back seat for the class (only 32-33 inches of leg room vs 37 for the protege and lancer) and you just have a car that is expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, not fun to drive (they only had 120 hp vs 140 or so for the civic while weighing 400 lbs more and not handling very well to boot) poorly designed and thirstier than a midsized car.

    Source(s): former 00 jetta owner
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    If you really don't like leather that much, broaden your model years to either a 2004 or 2002 and below.

    They are good cars! Go for it.

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    and just go to a jetta forum and ask their

    they will know a lot more than we do

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