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Wives, how would you feel if your husbands talked to you the way you habitually talk to him?

If this doesn't appy to you, simply don't answer, I'm only asking for your input if it does. Reflect. Does your husband really truly deserve to be berated day in day out? Is he really that lazy? Wasn't that a 12 hour shift he put in today, and yesterday, and the day before? Did it really end the world that a towel got in you undies? So what, they're fuzzy now? Is there some other man you were hoping would see them? Does he really ignore the kids? Wasn't that three hours that he spent doing algebra with Suzie Q last night? And she got a B too...are you going to ***** at him now that if he had just given 20 more minutes she would have gotten an A? Are you really that much superior to him that you've been too tired to make love for four months now (and 5 months before that one quicky you "endured" for him). Is he really that undeserving of his own wife? I guess he owed it too you when he rubbed your feet the entire time you watched that Sex and the City Marathon. Does he really do nothing but make mistakes? Really? Is he that much of an asshole just because he doesn't want to rehash his whole crappy work day with you, just to hear you say that maybe if he doesn't like his job he should get a new one, since he "doesn't make enough money" anyhow. Maybe you should talk about your day...nooo not the part about how Betty is so horrible because she didn't even say high in the morning, and Lulu is always taking extra breaks...maybe about your flirting with Bob all day, and going to lunch with Dan for two weeks straight...don't feel like touching your husband with the same hand that's been in Dan's lap? OOOoohh I get it. Really, think about it, how would you feel, as a wife, if your husband talked to you and treated you the way you treat him. And you, you hypocrite called him controlling and abusive because he told you to look him in the eye when he's talking...WOW!!!

Update: this day and age verbally telling a wife to back off will result at the cops at the door just as quickly as smacking her would.

Update 2:

Craig C--your a man, not a woman, so unlike with my wife I would have no moral reservations whatsoever about smashing your skull in...How about flying to the twin cities and feeding that line to my face, and then we can see who's the big man and whose the little man...asshole.

Update 3:

Visions_ I like the recording idea.

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    Wow. Sounds like a landmine going on. There's more going on with the undercurrent. You guys need to be extra sweet and appreciative of each other. She shouldn't talk to you like that and you shouldn't be subjected to it. You sound like a patient husband to me. The fact that it matters enough to you to write in means that you DO care. Remind each other about what drew you two together in the first place. The grass IS NOT greener and she needs to know that. Sounds like she resents working to me. Ask her. What would be really hard for both of you would be.. working divorced parents. That's really hard. I don't know how some people even manage. Maybe show her this. Hope you guys stop nit picking each other and start having fun. The years go by fast.

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    Someone answer that "you have issue".. No you have the whole subscriptions. You have some real problem and I am not to sure if you are a stable person and if you are the kind of person that will hurt others. I am hoping you just a man acting like a child and you only need a "timeout". If you really want to know what a wife is worth. Go on line and time in the question of "how much is a house wife worth" You just might be surprise about how much work the wife really does.. Next Stop crying like a little girl and grow up. Life is not easy, raising kids is not easy and if their dad is a bigger BABY than the kids, that make it harder on the wife.

    This is just from a real man to a little man... BE A MAN AND HELP OUT, Stop crying and do help around the house... If you want to be are man and tell the wife she is the woman......

    Move to a cave and hunt wild animals and see if you can invent fire...

    Good luck

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    You made your point and it's a good one. If I had to listen to my shrill harangue day-in and day-out, I'd probably want to kill myself. I know plenty of gals who love to ***** and moan about husbands who are actually pretty decent (if somewhat occasionally dense) fellows. I know that I'd rather eat Drano than help my 8 year-old with his math, so my husband does it instead. How do I repay him? By shrieking that he forgot to put the soap on the soap-dish or something equally stupid and trivial I'm ashamed to say. Sometimes I catch myself as I'm complaining and I can calm down and look at the big picture, but, although I hate to say this, when those hormones are in high gear...look out! It's no excuse though. Everyone should be treated with respect.

    Have you ever considered taping the offending party and letting her hear herself as she sounds to you?

    PS Someone suggested thyroid disease as a possible cause of this behavior. A dysfunctional thyroid can indeed alter someone's moods (depression, irritability, etc.)

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    Sir, if your wife does this to you, please get a divorce! This is awful. If you get a divorce, I hope you can get custody of your daughter. she does not need to be around a mother like that.

    Does your wife have a thyroid problem? that will make a person literally crazy if it is left untreated. or has she always been that messed up?

    Wow. What a witch. trust me, I know you would be happier on your own. Most women are not like this.

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    You have some issues, man. If these kind of men had a sack, they wouldn't let women treat them like this. You are treated how you let yourself be treated. I don't think a man should hit a woman (or vice versa) but he should stand up for himself and tell that kind of woman to f*** off.

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    There's nothing like a self imposed crusade!

    But in my opinion...

    (and yes, as a member of this community, this questions does apply to me by virtue of my existence here) could do a whole lot better at choosing the crusade you set yourself onto.

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    wow.. i'm glad you got that off your chest. hopefully you have calmed down and maybe now you can talk to your wife calmly about the things you mentioned. tell her how she is making you fell, she might not even know. try to think of ways that you can work on your situation and make it better. maybe you need to try counseling. good luck.


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    Ok. I'm not like that to my husband so I no it doesn't imply to me.. but you really need to tell that woman off! Why don't she do something instead of bitching at you all the time? Do something or your going to be a miserable person.

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    Sounds like you are ready to take him off her hands... Maybe he was just lying to you about her to get in your pants! Maybe he is the one that is the a**hole... Tell him to stop talking to you about his wife and go handle his own problems. Wimp!

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    wow, issues! And to answer - no I wouldn't like to be treated the way you've described. Also, I think that I wouldn't enjoy it if he treated me the way I treat him on some aspects, but I would love him to treat me the way I treat him on others...

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