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Identify and state the historical significance of the following?

Citizen Genet


Bank of the united states

Bill of rights

French Revolution

Jays Treaty

Convention of 1880

Neutrality Proclamation

Whiskey Rebellion

Ninth Amendement


Tenth Amendement

Pinckney Treaty

Alien and Sedition Acts

Battle if fallen Timbers

Virginia And Kentucky resolutions

Jeffersonian Republicans

Judiciary Act of 1789

Treaty Of Greenville XYZ affair

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    bank of united states >>> national currency set

    bill of rights >>> limited powers of federal govnt

    whiskey rebellion >>> proved that federal govnt needs to have army and more power

    federalists >> those that wanted central govnt to have more power than states' govnts

    10th amendment >>> gave powers that werent listed in the constitution to states >> important to prevent federal govnt from becoming abusive

    alien and sedition acts >>> violated freedom of speech adn press

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    How about you just open your history book or use Wikipedia?

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