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Israel/Gaza... If Mexico fired a rocket at the U.S., would Israel and the Palestinians rush over & fix things ?

for us?


Then why is every international hair-pulling contest in the world our business?




Our goofball government piddles in a lot more than just Israel and Gaza. They've got their thumbs in every pie and WE pay for it!

Why not just be the United States the Constitution established?


Update 2:


To the comments that we have "dollar" interests in Israel: The Federal Expre... I mean... the Federal Reserve just cut the value of the U.S. Dollar from four cents to one cent (its pre-Federal Reserve value).

And the Federal Reserve is neither "federal" nor does it hold any "reserves".

It writes hot checks to the govt (which we elect, over and over, the same dweeby loser parties), the money is passed around to member banks as if it were bean sprouts, then the government deems it a "LOAN" and agrees to pay interest on it.

But they don't pay a penny's worth of interest.


Not really worth defending, as "financial" interests are concerned.


Mark C: I've been reading that and am floored!!! This guy is well-trained and knows which dynamics to watch. He was right about the fall of the USSR and he may very well be right about the US, too.

If we keep thinking the "parties" are separate entities, he'll be right.


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    We would be on our own for sure.

    Check out what a Russian ex-KBG says the USA will look like in 2010. This guy predicted the 1990 Russian meltdown as well.

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    No country will come to our aid except maybe Canada and the Brits.

    I dunno' why it is our business, I do know that when something 'bad' happens somewhere, say country 'A' they are screaming at the US to help them. When we do nothing then we are ostracized for it. People starving to death in Africa and other parts of the world beg us for help so we help them and what happens when we get there? The military of whatever country takes the supplies we send for themselves so nothing is gained for the general population.

    I feel like we are damed if we do and damed if we don't. Most of the world sucks anyway and I would rather sit back and watch all of them kill their selves and be done with it. Rather dim out look you say, well what should we do? Help them? They hate us. Don't help them. They hate us. So throw a quarter in the air and who ever catches it can call someone who gives a damn. (OK so it's fifty cents for a call now, whatever)

    Countries who are killing their own people en mass, well, sure it's wrong but we can't keep the peace for everyone. Why don't the people in power of said countries do something themselves, they don't give a crap about their subjects, more money for the rich.

    The entire world is based on Money and Money equals GREED. Greedy bastards. They should all be hung until dead.

    I also believe that the only reason that Israel and Palestine is such a hot topic now is because they are fighting amongst themselves again. It's been on going for mellinia and it is going to continue for mellinia.

    It is not our business, but they ask for help so we give it to them. Hey call the Prez see what he has to say about it. eh

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    there will be a civil war and we will take back our country but at what expense. we the people have allowed this to get here and are too stupid or just plain ignorant on what to do about this situation and when it all comes tumbling down are we going to have O'bama picking up the pieces. Dont think so... So if you could possibly believe that Mexico would send us a bomb and not worry about all the dollars that their people send back from here to help out their people. I sometimes think the Mexicans are much more smarter than we are they have been living the good life off us americans for along time..

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    I'm thinking this is the proxy war for Iran, and the US that will eventually work into a real Iran/US war.

    If it does God help us all, as this will spread into WWIII.

    World affairs are 'our business' because we are the prize fighting dog of the New World Order agenda, and we fight their wars for them.

    When they announce that Obama has signed us into being a New World Order state this will all make more sense!

    Obama's New World Order Part 1: Financial Order

    Obama’s New World Order Part 2: The War on Terrorism

    Presidents/ world figures, and the NWO

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    Bush hands control over to EU

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    We have committed to helping Israel protect itself while surrounded by hostile enemies. They rely on us. If Mexico fired a rocket at us, I would expect us to stop the source of the missiles, just as Israel is doing with the missiles coming from Gaza.

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    They wouldn't have to. The guys down in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas would be forward to trot down there and register a vigorous protest. Oklahoma and Kansas might well be right on their heels, while California roasted bean sprouts over the glowing ruins and Congress debated what we had done to deserve it.

    Get real, Sweetie, the only way this country is going to survive, or stay this country, if is We the people take it back tout de suite, and return it to the government our founders instituted, rather than the limp-wristed hypochondriacal embezzler the past fifty years of Congress and the Supreme Court has turned it into. And, by We the people, i mostly leave out the fruits and nuts on both coasts and refer to the rock-solid redneck folks in fly-over country, who still feel this is their country, and love it just the way it was meant to be.

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    Every nation has thier own agenda.... choosing allies, and aids are only a means of attaining certain natural and finincial resources..

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    We supply Israel with lots and lots of money, equipment, technology so we have an interest in what going on.

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    No, because Israelis are too selfish and Gaza is simply too poor and doesn't give a crap

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    coz america is funding israel... so they'll make sure that isrealis ppl will stay away from their country

    edit: oh one more if the U.S has ever fixed anything !!!!

    Source(s): believe it or not... everybody hates israel
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