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Spiritual poll/ survey. If your television was getting in the way of your spiritual/religious movement?

would you:

leave the house and find another place to meditate, pray, whatever you do;

Exercise willpower or an appropriate spiritual equivalent (if so what would that be?); or

would you hum the TV out the window into the nearest dumpster?

It could be a could be anything, thanks.


ok, its already off. The thing is you don't want to turn it on

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    tough concept here (hypothetical answers

    are often unrealistic)

    If I was a cardboard cutout fictional character

    wanting to project an image of some sort of

    spiritual rigor integrity, I might threaten to

    throw out that tv-devil thing

    But that ain't me ... *some* channels of tv

    bring in world--window awareness and some

    bring in mindless drivel and some bring in

    intellectual stimulatio and a lot ot the channels

    bring in "lowest-common denominator crap"

    if I felt the need, I would avoid tv for at least a while

    I would try anyway

    but "middle-path" also seems to hold a bit more

    promise of sucess in spiritual growth

    just my opinion

    but "makking a big deal" out of it would probly be

    a red-flag for some sort of internal problem which

    might well be abetter focus for improvement

    again, just my opinion

    good luck ( wish I was more enlightened )

    ps a bit of morning yoga can help set up a meditation period

    before anyone else has turned on the tv

    (it *is* easier to meditate in silent type setting I think)

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  • Power
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    1 decade ago

    My TV is part of my spiritual life. So my answer would be that I can't imagine it getting in the way of my spiritual life. I have a believe that spirit speaks to me in many ways. So now I am in the process of manifesting my perfect job. I can turn off the TV & meditate or I could be sitting in front of the TV & see an advertisement for Obama plates. I could then think that my perfect job would be to answer the phone when the people call to order their plates. So I write down the phone number & call & say "Hey, I can't buy an Obama plate at this time but do you work in India or the USA?" If they tell me they have a work at home office so it doesn't matter & they are doing what I want to do & I get my answer, I have done the work I needed to do. So if I decide to go be still & my husband has the TV on I can find a place that is quiet but most of all it is my mind that chooses to be quiet it has nothing to do with the TV. I went all the way through school never listening to the chatter of my teachers when they spoke about war. I tuned them out & meditated & had a mystical experience instead.

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  • 4 years ago


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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Idols are funny things.

    When we say idol we can mean almost anything: Statues of Baal or other pagan deity, movie or music stars can be idols or even ourselves.

    Other things too can become idols in our lives:

    - Love of money

    - Love of food

    - Television

    - Internet

    - Alcohol/Drugs/Sex

    - etc.

    We come to value these things beyond all rational limit, then they separate us from God.

    If we have such an idol in our lives - as it says in the "Our Father" we should seek to not be 'lead into temptation'; meaning removing ourselves from the temptation or vice-versa. Depending on what has bedazzelled us will change how we limit our ability to be tempted by the object of our unhealthy desire.

    The ancient spiritual advice is replace a vice with its opposite virture.

    - Lust with chastity

    - Greed and avarice with almsgiving and generosity

    - etc.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I will leave the room where the TV is at.

    Or get out of the house.

    I wouldn't trow out the TV out the window, that's for crazy people,

    and you are not crazy... I can see you want to take desperate measurements... or maybe someone you know did that?

    You have to find balance, you can't only pray, or you can't only watch TV, any excess is bad...

    Just as you have a TV room, Set up a Praying Room.

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  • My mind is so overstimulated and listening to "mindless chatter" on TV causes a real physical pain as if someone were squeezing all of my muscles in my body. I haven't watched TV since my "awakening".

    I have missed a lifetime of real living and this lifetime I won't be sitting in front of the "idiot box" eating cheetos.

    This may seem harsh, but when you have lived in a box for over 23 years, you will never go back in.


    Source(s): TV didn't cause "radiation fever" it became a god to my children and ex.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I already dumped mine in the dumpster, though there wasn't any spiritual motivation, I just got sick of being insulted by the garbage on television.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Use the least dramatic means necessary to be with Christ as you need. If you can function the off switch... great. If necessary, use sledge hammer. Some saints rolled in thorn bushes to get their urges under control.

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  • Acorn
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    1 decade ago

    I'd turn it off. Or if it was something else, I'd avoid it until I'd done my alloted time of prayer.

    I have that problem with crossword puzzles. I'm totally addicted to them. But I don't start one until I've done all my work around the house, and gotten my prayer time in.

    It's hard sometimes, though.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i sold my tv when i did not want it anymore, i felt all this commercial and brainwashing messages pollute my mind, so i decided to get rid of the tv.

    then my living room became an abode of meditation and well-being.

    i actually got rid of everything and left my homecountry.

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