What's your opinion on Bard College at Simon's Rock?

I just wanted to know people's feedback on the college. Do you think it is worth it in the end? Will it get me ready for NYU or USC? What do you think the pro's or con's of it? Would you do it or would have done it when you were 16? I'm a freshman as of now. What are some things I should consider before applying? I know I want to do this, but want to know what people think about it. My guidance counselor never heard of it, and no one I know. I also go to a school of like 3,336, so it's not small. Would you recommend the program? I have heard mix things from former students. What's your feedback? Also, what other programs our out there for early admission? I know Sarah Lawrence College, Flagler College, and etc have this. Would it be worth going to Sarah Lawrence as a Creative Writing Major, if you want to do print journalism? You apply when your a junior for early admission, and is there a list of schools that do this? Also, why pay 50k a year when you can just go to a community college for two years? Are you just paying to go to college early? I have also heard that college's don't except lots of their credit. Is it worth all the debt, and is their loans for a 16 year old? I got a 72.3% in math, but do you think they will look pass this? I may have like a 3.1-3.5 unweighted GPA now, and do know that they have an AEP scholarship. I'm in all AP and Honor classes. I still want to go there, but everyone I know say it's a bad idea. How do you convice your parents that your ready for college, and is this just like a boarding school, but college level? Thank you!

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    I've heard of Bard at Simon's Rock, but don't know anything specific about the school. If you're fairly sure about what you want to do, you feel prepared for college, and your high school courses are unchallenging, you might benefit from early college.

    Here are some things I would worry about though,

    1. There are cheaper ways for high school students to get college credit.

    a. You can take AP courses for free.

    b. Some high schools allow students to take courses at a local college for free or at a reduced rate.

    c. You could prepare for AP courses on your own, and just arrange

    to take the test.

    2. Many people your age change their minds about what they want to do. If you need more time to decide a major, it might be better to stay in high school and give yourself some time to decide rather than paying for college while you decide.

    3. Simon's Rock is a small school. It is probably a good small school, but it is not amongst the best in the country in any area. If you know what you want to do, would you rather go to a school that has a highly ranked program in your major? If you decided you were interested in a business, engineering, or other program not offered at Bard, you would need to transfer.

    4. If you transfer from Simon's Rock to another school, the credits should transfer, but some may not fulfill certain general ed or major requirements at the new school. So, transferring may cause some minor issues.

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