what is cc? it appears so often .?

I know subject, but - cc --- --- ?

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    The terms Cc (Courtesy or Carbon Copy) and Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) stem from the old typewriter days (before computers) when the typist used sheets of carbon paper behind each sheet of white typing paper to create a second and third copy.

    When you typed a letter and sent a copy of it to another party, you would add Cc at the bottom of it to let the first recipient know that you had sent a copy to the second one.

    For email, Cc does pretty much the same thing. Just ignore that field if you don't need it. (It's usually used in business where you might want to let your boss know you sent the original and who you sent it to).

    Bcc, represents Blind Carbon Copy. If you use the Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) field when Emailing on line, none of the contacts you enter can view who the other recipients are that you sent the email to. It is used mainly to protect the identity of those you send to.

    Note: You will still need at least one name in the "TO" field.

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    It is a left over term from office communications. The letters mean Carbon or Courtesy Copy and offer you the option of sending a separate or subsequent copy of your document to other people at the same time as the main recipient.

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    carbon copy

    bcc= blind carbon copy

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