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My Birth Mother didn't want to give me up....I need to find her before she dies...How can I?

I got my original birth certificate from the Arkansas Vital Records. My birth name was Elizabeth Diane Cross, born on 8-6-51. My Mother's name was Virginia Dell Cross. She was 18 when she had me. Arkansas is a closed records state but I have a court order to open any and all records, but DCF won't honor it. How can I MAKE them???


I physically went to the DCF in Little Rock, Ark. and the lady standing there with the file that I would die to have, said that even tho I was born on the 6th, she didn't give up her rights until the 15th and they could not phycially get me away from her until the also says about the same thing in my adoption papers.

What kind of attorney?

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    Get an attorney.

    Also, how do you know she didn't want to do it?

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    Please forgive me for answering with a question. How/where did you get your court order? The only court that can issue such an order would be in the county of your adoption which would also have your original adoption court file.

    I have a friend who is ISO Arkansas bMother and getting nowhere fast.

    She is a member on Adopton Database and I know she would appreciate any advice you can give her.

    Lisa Kay

    FL Adoptee

    Born Jan 1963 - Gainesville, Florida

    ISO bMother "Sandra Strickland" - born 1942-43

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    I would hire an attorney.

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