Which series is better: Death Note or Code Geass?

Which series do you think is better and why?

Which one is more original?

Also, which one would you recommend to a person?

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    The series that is better is death note because there is no other series than that. Yes, they can be compared to each other, but the two series are two completely different shows, and I dislike it when the two are compared to each other and people saying that they are very similar because they really aren't. Death Note is a lot darker and is more of a detective kind of mystery opposed to the action packed series. It has a lot moer thinking which I really like. Also, Code Geass is from a "good-guy's" perspective. Of course he is a bit mislead. He does have trouble with his inner darkness sometimes. Light however is a complete evil, manipulative maniac and the show portrays him as the evil/bad guy of the series, opposed to the usual good guy. Lelouch is at least showed as a good person who is trying to do good, even though the audience might disagree with his actions. However, Light is completely the bad guy and no one can deny this. His attempt to bring about justice is completely portrayed as evil by the creators, so that's very interesting. Because of this, this makes Death Note a more original series than Code Geass. Code Geass has lots of elements from other series that makes it unoriginal. However, Code Geass pulls off a better job at using those elements than other series.

    I would recommend Death Note first, then Code Geass. But I would recommend both series since both are really good series. My favorite anime and tv show is death note by the way.

    Hope this answers your question.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Code Geass

  • 1 decade ago

    I think death note is more original because i never scene such an anime like it. though code geass has all this mecha thing which to me seem to be like any other mecha anime except for different stuff. Death note is better because it is refreshing to see a new type and different anime. I would recommend death note to a person but this anime invoves alot of listening in order to understand the story and much less on power/magic stuff and fighting which makes it original. this anime is more like live action dramas you see in tv these days only in an animation formwhich makes interesting.

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    Code Geass because there's more action and psychology that makes you think.

    Death Note is more original.

    Death Note if someone wants a recommendation. I suggest Code Geass afterwards.

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  • I prefer Daeth Note bcause it's short and it has very good story line. Since it very short and is really all mystery like and pretty much made for people who like mysteries and are very smart.

    Code Geass is sort of like Death Note, but not at the same time. It is longer and it has more smart things too.

    I believe that Death Note is more oroginal but that is my opinion.

    I personally would reccommed Daeth Note first, then Code Geass. Death Note is shorter and will help you grasp the purppose of Code Geass better.

    Hope I helped. ^.^

  • i like death note because it was more interesting. death note is more Original because in code geass its just about a war and the only thing interesting is his geass. i would recommend death note.

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    oh..strange question... +__+

    i like anime which has mecha and fantasy in it..

    of course, i can't choose ..

    but, death note is more original than code geass..



    -death note is best seller manga all over the world..

    about 100.000.000 death note manga has been sold..

    -code geass, is best anime in 2008 ..[by polling on anime magazine]

    so which one is the best??

    if that person didnt like bad/sad ending,, i will recommend death note to that person,,.

    but, if that person like bad/sad ending,, i wil recommend code geass :D

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    death note

  • 1 decade ago

    code geass-- its longer,

    and in Death Note- the ending was totally laughable, and after a point, it was not good anymore

    I never finished Code Geass, but I thought it was really good.

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    1 decade ago

    Death Note. why? the art was good, story line was good as well, and plus i like L and near.

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