Married to an illegal alien for almost one year. Recently found out we are pregnant.?

I have been married for almost one year and we recently found out we are expecting a baby. We want to get the papers started to change status but calling immigration is a joke. Can anyone help me. We have an appointment with an immigration attorney this month and I wanted to have all the paper work ready to go. Can anyone help me with what papers I need to file. The immigration website is not very informative for illegal immigrants. We are very happily married and are unafraid of any interviews necessary.

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    1 decade ago
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    Sorry but he and by extension you are now forked.. He will not be granted citizenship because one of his boys managed to swim the right way... Sorry to be so blunt but, I figure you want the truth..

    Thanks though.. I look forward to supporting that child as well.....Not Really.

  • 4 years ago

    Before 9/11 is was a successful technique to get around the immigration laws. But even then, some times it didn't work. The worse thing then was that the person you married remained illegal. And you remained married. And if you didn't get the $$ up front, the new spouse is gone. And you're still married. Today, it's not as easy to do. Married my wife, who was illegal. Took 2 years to get her green card and another 2 for citizenship. So if it was a marriage just for her status, it would have taken 4 years. Lucky for us that we didn't care. And now, if you get cought marrying for paper, you can go to jail and he/she can get sent back to where he don't want to be.

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    Sure, don't be afraid. The marriage and birth certificate are enough proof to show that he is illegal and has been for some time. At that point it will not matter about your happy marriage. Be afraid of the puddle of crap that you are about to step into.

    You could have all the documentation in the world but people have issues with that after being married for years. The reason you can't find anything is that the US is tightening up.

    Odds are the best bet is that he returns home and you apply for him. Cheaper and faster. He can be gone for 8 months or he can be denied for years. It can turn into a big mess.

    One consideration is what country that he his from.

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    Trying to work this out from within the US (assuming you're from the US) or for that matter, Canada, Australia and the UK will not work. He is an illegal alien, and that's a crime. If they find out, he will undergo deportation procedures and he will most likely remain in jail until the deportation order has been enacted. Once deported, returning to the US will be very difficult or impossible. The best thing for you to do is to find a way to get him back to his country. Then you can start the procedures for having him legally admitted to the US as your spouse and father of your baby. And be careful with the immigration attorney - there are many ruthless lawyers out there who will take your money and run. You are in a very vulnerable situation. I hope it works out for you.

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    1 decade ago

    Did he come here without a visa? Was he completely undocumented? If so, you'll have some serious problems.

    You need to start with an i-130, read the directions on

    Why did you let an entire year lapse before filling out the paperwork?

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    Hire an experienced immigration attorney.

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    Trust me it going to be ok.

    Here is the step by step process plus other than the forms that you will find in the link you will have to file a form I130.

    You will have to go through the regolar process and face an interview, I suggest you to get more proofs of a "good faith" relationship as you can. They will definetely want to see that!

    Good luck

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    1 decade ago

    If he is illegal how can you be legally married to him?So basically you are going to be an unwed mother and we tax payers will be paying for another baby.You are so gullible and now there is a child involved.I hope he gets deported and you can follow.

  • well i ahve almost the same thing / problem like you i have talked to many people recived a buch of advice and this is what i was told i need to do

    1. file a pation / spanish word a pardon witch it is for them to for give him and have then a clean slate

    2. then file the i-130

    but get a deportation lawyer not go with any onther type you need one that specalized in deportation

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    1 decade ago

    He can't get legal status and must go home. No amount of money given to a lawyer will change that.

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    There is a chance that he will be deported, which is the right thing to do since he is here illegally and breaking the law. You might face charges too for knowingly helping someone who you know is a criminal. But don't worry, the taxpayers will support your baby.

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