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what are the high school requirements for The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL?

also whats a good website that will give me college reviews for aerospace colleges/univ.?

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    The University of Alabama employs a competitive admission process that includes reviewing and evaluating each application on an individual basis for an applicant's abilities as a student and a scholar. Decisions about the potential for your academic success at UA are based on your performance on the ACT and/or SAT, your high-school grade point average, and your high-school course schedule. (For example: a student with a 21 ACT or 990 SAT along with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 should be successful at the University.)

    We are looking for students who show a commitment to academics and who welcome the robust exchange of ideas that occurs within a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Typically, the number of applications received exceeds the number of spaces available in the freshman class.In terms of educational preparation, the college preparatory curriculum minimum unit requirements for regular admissions are:

    4 units of English

    4 units of social sciences, including world history or a comparable course

    3 units of mathematics (must include algebra I, algebra II, and one unit of either geometry, trigonometry, or calculus)

    3 units of natural science, including two courses with lab components

    1 unit of foreign language

    5 units of academic courses

    Students that exceed the minimum number of units in math, natural sciences, or foreign language will be given additional consideration.

    The Advanced Academic Diploma awarded by Alabama high schools meets all University of Alabama course requirements. would probably be a good website for any college searches you need to do...they let you search based on majors, size, location, etc. Good luck :)

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