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India V South Africa who would win a five match test series both the Hottest teams on the planet current form ?


'Amit maybe Indian spinners mite make that difference


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    I must agree with most of the contributors to this site and it would totally depend on where the series was played~

  • I must agree with most of the contributors to this site and it would totally depend on where the series was played.

    I believe South Africa are probably the better all round team as India lack a couple of world class quick bowlers.

    Batting wise India are awesome but in a few years time they could be a bit suspect as they have quite a few players in that top six who are getting old together. Australia had the same problem a while back and are now paying the price.

    On a neutral venue I would back South Africa to take a five match series 2/1 with a couple of high scoring draws.

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    Depends on where they play and pitch conditions. Even though both have good to great bowlers (pace) and have solid batting lineup. If the pitch is conducive to spin India are favored to win and if it is pace and bouncy it would be South Africa.

    South Africa have tried to remove the tag of chokers and they have successfully done this against Aussies in an away series. The momentum rides with them, even though India recently beat Aussies at home and also England. But the latter was not that convincing compared to what SA did this against Aus.

    As much as I love to see India win, SA holds an upper hand from cricketing perspective.

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    What an interesting conquest it would be. The previous series in India probably did not get the attention it deserved. Everyone only spoke about the fact that India are the only nation that challenged Australia. Of course we forget that England beat them in 2005 in a series as well.

    I also think it would be a mistake to write Australia off. This is the first series they have lost in 16 years at home. That is quite a record

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    sturdy assessment.Even I had a theory approximately it plenty earlier.South Africa's domination in attempt suits has began,& they have been a dominating factor in view that final a million 12 months be it whitewashing Pak 3-0 or NZ 2-0 at abode or defeating England 2-0 in England or defeating Australia a million-0 in Australia. you should offer them extra time & we ought to have an exceedingly equivalent assessment.shall we see how they carry out against India,& how they carry out interior the subcontinent.keep in mind even the amazing Australia did no longer beat India at abode while India toured Australia in 2003-04.yet so a ways as now South Africa is the suitable group basically before another factor by using an excellent margin. Their batting & quickly bowling is their vast capability.One could dream to have batsmen like Amla,Devilliers,Kallis,Faf du plessis in an identical group. I m shocked why many human beings in this question sense Faf du plessis is a vulnerable link interior the South African factor.He basically made his attempt debut final 12 months at Adelaide & scored a century & stored his united states from a defeat,scuffling with the Aussie bowlers for 4 hundred+ deliveries.He has basically got here into the group,he has the aptitude to be great batsman.

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    We have a fantastic team just now. Highly motivated. So there are some good chances of a win.

    SA is also a good team.

    However, India will not lose. That is for sure.

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    It does not matter to me personally, even though I am always for Indian win. India will eventually rule this year.

    SA people are nice; so are the players.

    Is a long way off- the Match.

    Source(s): Happy 2009. India will truly shine.
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    As every one said,The home team would win.

    In a neutral venue,the match will be fiercely fought till the last but most likely to draw.

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    It depends on where it is played. In India, India wins but in SA, SA will win

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    South Africa will win the series very easily, either in India or in South Africa. Their present form is invincible.

    India takes just 14.75 wickets per match and concedes 37.78 runs per wicket. It means that India concedes 37.78 x 14.75 = 557 runs per match. Against this figure, they score 565 runs per match. So, India is positive by 8 runs in performance.

    However, South Africa takes 16.8 wickets per match and concedes 27.90 runs per wicket. Hence they concede 469 runs per match. They score 512 runs per match. So, South Africa is positive by 44 runs per match.

    South Africa is more positive than India and they should win the series quite easily. A test match is won by just 1 run difference..

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