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WHy should I get a mac?

i hate pc's and was wondering wat u swould suggest and give me a few key facts

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  • Ros L
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    Mac or PC – it's the perennial debate for anyone looking to buy a new computer (or win an argument). Passionate and valid points exist in both camps, but it ultimately boils down to your personal tastes, needs, and budget. We played around with all shapes and sizes of Macs (Mini, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro) and PCs (Gateway One desktop, Gateway M-Series laptops, Lenovo x300 laptop, Acer Ferrari 1100, Sony TP Series, and Dell XPS M2010) to figure out which type of computer was best on a variety of fronts. Much to our surprise, not all of our findings turned out as we expected....

    Yes, the rumors are true. Macs, in general, tend to be easier to use than PCs, thanks to built-in video tutorials on new models, consistent look and feel across all applications, and the generally simpler, drag-and-drop-based actions of the Mac operating system (also known as Mac OS X, or Leopard, in its most recent iteration). That said, certain tasks, such as moving your iTunes and iPhoto libraries to an external hard drive, can be downright confusing and you can risk losing your entire music collection if you don't follow the steps just right.

    Still, it sure beats the non-stop-barrage of "Error" messages and freeze-ups you get periodically on the average Windows-based machine. To be fair, Windows has become less crash-prone in recent years, but the built-in security features on the latest Vista machines result in you pretty much having to click a 'Continue" button any time you want to make a desktop move.

    Lastly, the relative newness of the Windows Vista operating system means there just isn't that much online support should you run into a problem. Based on user-friendliness alone, we'd recommend a Mac over a Windows-based PC.

    Yes, Macs have Front Row, an onscreen TiVo-like menu feature that lets you use a remote to browse and play your videos, pictures, and music from the comfort of your couch, but it pales in comparison to what is offered by Windows Media Center (WMC). WMC is included in WIndows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate Editions and essentially lets you access all your media on a similarly user-friendly, TiVo-like onscreen menu.

    But here's where the similarity ends. WMC includes access to a multitude of seamlessly integrated movie, music, and picture-sharing services, and easily syncs up with the built-in media extenders on, say, your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, networked storage device, or other PCs, so you can watch anything store on your PC on any other TV or PC in the house.

    (To be fair, Macs can sync up with PlayStation 3's and certain other types of media extenders or networked external hard drives, but trust us, it's a lot less easy to set-up, which means pretty much your only choice for streaming your computer's content to another TV is by using Apple TV.)

  • Pravda
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    A Mac is better because:

    1. The OS is far more stabile than Microsoft's.

    2. Everything you will need is included -- most PCs

    require supplementing with this and that.

    A. particularly true regarding graphics and desktop publishing ,

    B. even more true regarding music & video editing.

    3. There are almost no viruses or spyware being written

    to attack a Mac, 'cuz the OS is tougher and more

    time-consuming to crack, with little final "effect", since

    a Mac's share of the market is "too small. I've never

    heard of a Mac owner being "attacked" in this way.

    Also, if you already have a monitor and USB keyboard,

    all you need is to buy a Mac mini -- (unless you wanna

    play highly-graphical games, 'cuz its graphics card is

    not the best). But a Mac mini will do everything else

    quite a bit better than a PC and cost less. If you got

    the bucks, though, I would recommend an iMac.

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    the term I hate pc's is stupid. a mac is still a personal computer.

    the mac is a nice unit for quality but note the new mac are lacking as apple is feeling what its like becoming a main stream maker. they will have reliability issues. fact the more you make the more that break.

    I would get a referb over the new ones.

    also you can put windows on a mac so nothing is bad about it.

    both mac os and windows.

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  • Anonymous
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    1. You have too much money and want to get rid of some of it fast.

    2, You have bought into their slick ad campaign.

    3. Steve Jobs is poorer than Bill Gates and you want to help him.

  • 1 decade ago

    Because there the worst computers on the earth.

    Source(s): WINDOWS RULES
  • Anonymous
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    if you can afford one, get one. i cant afford one so i dont have one but if i had the money.... ide get a macbook or macbook pro, but if you want a desktop then get an imac.

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