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worst actors and actresses?

I would have to say:

Anne Hathaway - she acts the same in everything that you think

every character she does is the girl from the devil

wears prada

Eddie Murphy - is he acting or just doing another over the top raw

stand up performance.

Keira Knightley - she always has that same snooty look on her face and pissed off british accent

Mischa Barton - Even she knows she has no acting ability thats why she parties more than appears in films or tv

Kirsten Dunst - never changes her preppy high school voice even in a period film like Marie Antoinette

Jennifer Lopez


Beyonce - Basically most singers turned actors

Davis Caruso -

ten times worse than a soap opera actor

Orlando Bloom - vacant expression, speaks as if hes always out of breath and a horrid american accent

Hayden Christensen - Need i explain

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    -Orlando Bloom

    -Anyone on Disney Channel

    -Daniel Radcliffe

    -Emma Watson

    -Kristen Stewart

    i'm sure there are more, i just cant think of them right now

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    1 decade ago

    How about some action "heroes"?

    Steven Seagal (has stunt doubles, so why is he still in movies?), Sylvester Stallone (Those few lines that you can actually understand are weakly delivered), Arnold Schwartzenegger (or however you spell it), and last and definitely least: Jean Claude VanDamme (who can't even convey action. I mean seriously, when he "hits" someone, his fist is 2 feet away from the other guys face!).

    All of them have 2 facial expressions: Neutral (a bored look on their face) and Angry.

    Eddie Murphy (I can't begin to describe how happy I was that he will NOT be in Batman 3)

    And, since yesterday evening, I have been able to add Christopher Reeve clone Brandon Routh to my list of people who can't even be called actors. God that Superman movie sucked.

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    You have to remember that its not the actors/ actresses fault its the character and most actors and actresses get typecast. I though would have to say some of the acting in soaps is bad not all but the way some of them act is cringeworthy. I put 1 on the tv the other day called Doctors and there was this guy in it who fancied this woman and was trying to help her find her dead cat I had to turn over. I thought there's loads of talented people out there and he got the part!! lol.

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    I totally agree...

    I think that Kristen stewart (or however you spell the terrible actress who played bella in twilights name) should be on the list.

    you definitely were spot on with Hayden Christiansen... Revenge of the Sith had some of the worst line deliveries in the history of cinema.

    Speaking of Star wars.. cough cough Natalie Portman???

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    yeah i agree keanu reeves is pretty bad. i can never see a movie hes in because he just bothers me too much. i thought i was going to die while watching The Lake House. obviously i couldnt do better, but still, his acting bothers me

    i also think amanda bynes is bad...i saw sydney white the other day and i was like wow is this a joke? sorry but no...

    oh and miley cyrus of course, if you can even call her an actress...oh she drives me insane.

  • 1 decade ago

    Rob Pattinson ( in the twilight movie ) I was freaked out by his acting and Bella freaked me out too !


  • 1 decade ago

    Jessica alba

    Blake lively

    megan fox(she bomb though)

    the guy from prison break

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    1 decade ago

    a lot of disney channel people are sucky actors too

  • 1 decade ago

    I think Liv Tyler she sucks badlyy and her faces piss me off she looks like shes helpless.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    who is davis caruso?

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